UPDATED How to do GPU Bitcoin Mining on a Mac Easily

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BitCoin for Beginners - Mac OS Mining, Tips, Mining Software, Wallets And More ! Part 2

This is part 2 of the Bitcoin For Beginners video series! In this part we will address some of the issues people are having in Part 1 with the Bitcoin Wallet…
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46 thoughts on “UPDATED How to do GPU Bitcoin Mining on a Mac Easily”

  1. HazzerDesigns | 9k?

    just started bitcoin mining on macbook pro on 10.8 (developer version),
    only running at around 2.1Mhash/s, is this going to get me any bitcoins at
    all, or will it just take a very long time as well as much power?

  2. Spencer Yurkowitz

    On the GUIMiner, under the Balance section I get the message “Bad response
    from server.” Is this just temporary or did I input something incorrectly?

  3. i left it on for more den 10 hours what could i possibly doing wrong? the
    speed its going is 16.7 Mhash and has no shares and has shown no progress
    over the days i leave it on

  4. Thanks this was great, I was able to get everything set-up and it seems to
    be working. I just have two questions: Every time I hit “start mining!”
    the stale/invalid goes up by one and I currently have nothing accepted
    (although I’v only been mining for an hour) is this a sign of a problem?
    And, do you have a ball-park guess for what my Mhash should be with an HD
    5000 graphic card? (I imagine not very fast, its going at about 4.0 now)

  5. It started mining but on the bottom left of my guiminer bar it says “0
    shares accepted”. I don’t think it’s doing anything in that case?

  6. I can’t select my GPU 🙁 Im on a macbook pro with 10.7, It runs at 1.5
    mhash/s with my cpu. Have this happened to you? Do you know hot to fix it?

  7. Great vid thanks! Can you do a video on mining other coins, particularly
    quarkcoins for mac? I get lost when reading the tutorials, is it the near
    the same process?

  8. hi!!! i would like to know how can i change my settings to my graphics
    card??? my miner section only shows my processor. HELP!!!

  9. When I try to start GUIMiner I see the message:

    /bin/sh:@api2.bitcoin.cz:8332: command not found

    and it hangs on “Starting…” This is on Mavericks.

  10. Just tried out a GTX 690, using both GPU’s it hit an average total of
    I never realised how poor nVidia cards were at mining.

  11. +MrJayBusch hi ive set up my miner wallet and account on mining.bitcoin.czonly problem is i have been mining for about 3 days and accepted about
    3,000 shares on the website mining.bitcoin.cz it doesnt come up with any
    of the information from the gui miner all the stats are 0. and i havnt
    found any bitcoin
    why is it doing this please reply thanks

  12. I really kind of hate the fact that I have an Nvidia card and Radeon are so
    much better at mining for normal people like me. Not people who have these
    6000 dollar asic cards.

  13. at first it was all good! but when i closed gui miner i couldnt open it
    again no matter how many times i unistalled it and installed it! i click it
    and the window doesnt come up! do you why and how i can fix it ?

  14. im having loads of problems gui miner and cg miner work fine but then they
    crash and they dont mine plzzzz help me !

  15. A student who lives in a hostel and has access to free internet, machines,
    free power.( many institutions provides these thing for free.) Now that
    student can use these resources to generate bitcoins and can become reach
    because investing anything. is not unfair? 

  16. one quick question…

    I see how you GAIN money (bitcoins) is there any chance you
    would have to owe money (bitcoins) ?

    thanks ! ,

    I wouldn’t mind starting this..

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