Keiser Report: MaxCoin (E555)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the role the Davos discount and well executed transactions play in our declining e…

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31 thoughts on “Keiser Report: MaxCoin (E555)”

  1. 12:25
    Monopsony will make things worse. Centralized purchasing power is
    centralized wealth in only a few or one producers.

  2. A German warship in London? Well, just like what the French sent their
    warship to New York to reclaim something (you know what I mean) back in
    early 1970’s. Deja vu? Maybe. 

  3. watershed lover Bob

    Have gold will hold . Just don’ t ask for it back. Got money in the bank
    belongs to Goldman Sachs thanks. Credit mans trust in man. Credit mans
    scheme to keep everyone indentured for ever.

  4. Max didn’t mention the arrest of Charlie Shrem, the Co-founder and CEO of
    one of the world’s leading bitcoin exchanges – BitInstant? How strange?

  5. The Fed prints money, a few more digital coins have now been magically
    created. Another private entity creating more ponzi. Yay!

  6. There is one thing that nobody seems to be mentioning about crypto
    currency, and that is the dangers of the market manipulation by the use of
    quantum computers. Already there is a form of quantum computer on the
    market that only the richest elites and their cooperations can afford.
    So why is nobody mentioning this very real and potential danger? 

  7. “I will now mine the first block.”
    > Failed to do something. Aborted.
    Awkward smiles… heheh, I wonder why today’s launch failed… well, it

  8. I love that the camera was on the laptop at 18:15 when the mining code was
    executed with a FAIL ABORTED result. Classic, had me laughing pretty hard!
    Thanks for this… :)

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