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2013-02-06 – 001-007 – HDR
bitcoin difficulty
Image by vmax137
TheFor a 12 months and a fifty percent on Fedora 14 these bitcoin miners have already been running almost constantly.hey’re in a minimally temperature controlled space ranging from 35°F-95°F and require a few of the video cards to be placed outside of the chassis.

While I possess my doubts on the long term sustainability of the bitcoin ecosystem these devices more than compensated for themselves. The technical difficulties involved furthermore have relevance with inexpensive high power digesting for media content research and creation.

CrappyCat printing by Trevor Van Meter (aka VanBeater).

Update 2013-09-04: With one miner retiring because of to hardware failing and ASIC and FPGA-based techniques coming online influencing the hash difficulty, the final remaining miner is simply no longer efficient and has already been retired. Where this currency is heading is anyone’s guess but it’s been a great experiment so far.…

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