Ron Paul: BitCoin Could Go Down In History As Destroyer Of The US Dollar

Former Rep. Ron Paul, (R-Texas), on the future of Bitcoins and the Federal Reserve.
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Jeff Berwick explains Bitcoin once again to Varney and Co. The latest run up to over 0 dollars a bitcoin has caught these MSM investment commentators off …

40 thoughts on “Ron Paul: BitCoin Could Go Down In History As Destroyer Of The US Dollar”

  1. …to clarify: My statement was 100% irony, I thought that was obvious. To
    backgammon player: 0.01 Btc transaction fee would mean 10 USD. Fortunately
    typical transaction fees are rather in the order of 10-50 cents (0.1-0.5
    mBTC), even less is possible.

  2. To the “tulips”: bitcoin has no value because it’s just something virtual.
    Just bits and bytes. Nothing of “intrinsic” value. Nothing tangible. Its
    like Google or Microsoft or SAP or any other software company. They are of
    no use except for speculation. They produce nothing of value. So they will
    all crash down to zero. And so will bitcoin. As soon as nobody pumps more
    money into microsoft, the stock price will crash to its intrinsic value,
    which is zero. Same with bitcoin. That’s so obvious, isn’t it? Doesn’t this
    sound logical?

  3. Your monetary notes aint worth shit either, they are just promissory notes.
    only if the banks are worth anything are your notes worth jack.. so when
    the banks need their next bail out, (and they do nearly every decade) And
    people decide no…not this time. Crypto currencies will be valued. if
    anything will triumph as it will allow for the allocation of wealth in
    small communities. 

  4. It is already happening man, but to be honest a post apocalyptic currency
    will always be grain foods, water filters, gold, silver and ammunition. Ii
    think that last should be first to be honest

  5. this sounds like it could be the fix to putting the hurt on the Rothschild
    aka red sheald which has its hands in everything and is committing a major
    fruad and sending us into more debt

  6. bitcoin was sitting fairly stable at $600 give or take. It rose to $1200 in
    just a few days. China did their thing and bitcoin dropped down to roughly
    $700. It really didn’t lose anything because of China if you look through
    the short history of the bitcoin.

  7. The only one thing i don’t like about Bitcoin is how Bitcoin is exposed to
    the vultures at the stock market, whose intentions are only to quick make
    US and EU fiat money out of this great invention making the Bitcoin to
    fluctuate ridiculously in its “intrinsic” invention value. That scares the
    people with good intentions and after the total crash of BITCOIN, that will
    inevitable happen, Satoshi Nakamoto’s great invention will ultimatily end
    up in the hands of whom? the government of China? Remember Nicola Tesla’s
    great invention! How did he die, poor as a rat. Who benefited from Tesla’s
    great inventention? Westinghouse! This is the “historical part” that Mr.
    Ron Paul would like to refer to, but he does not know how. 

  8. The “coin” part of the name is confusing people and I can see why some
    people have a hard time grasping it.

    Bitcoin doesn’t revolve around units of currency. It is largely an
    electronic ledger with a proof-of-work mechanism for making sure
    transactions are valid, and the currency it counts is just a part of it. As
    with any currency no matter how local or big, a currency’s value comes from
    increasing acceptability.

  9. These media type are so use to the old way of doing things, by time BTC is
    $10,000/BTC then they will say “ohhh Bitcoin is now an accepted form of
    currency”, NO Shit Sherlock, we’ve been trying to tell you that for the
    longest! Keep saving in BTC people, it’s going nowhere, it’s here to stay!

  10. I just get setup with bitcoin and i NEED donations, any body who does is
    super duper sexy!


  11. What I love about BTC right now is it’s diverting money from time tested
    “money”, silver and gold. This has given me the opportunity to get the
    metals and the mining shares on the cheap.

    The setup in BTC right now is fantastic. Surreal may be a better word.

    I don’t know what will happen with BTC but when a BTC user told me that
    silver has NO VALUE I immediately thought that a lot of people are going to
    get burned. Regardless of whether or not BTC makes it. If you have BTC and
    you are not selling some at these levels, you are smitten. You have to sell
    to make money.

  12. “people are willing to get rid of their Bitcoins for dollars, what does
    that tell you?”
    The hosts trying so hard to ask loaded questions but they’re pretty
    terrible at it. 

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