Bitcoin Mining is not dead! Start Whit Cloud-Hashing! Cloud Mining .. . TerraMiner IV, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Erupter, Hash.

19 thoughts on “Bitcoin Mining is not dead! Start Whit Cloud-Hashing!”

  1. Wait I don’t understand so once there a to. Of people mining is that it or
    is it just much harder to get a bitcoin?

  2. you know everyone is talking about bit coins and how its supposed to be the
    new currency and how it will we a whole new start for all the worlds
    economy but bit coins are only worth what the holders country stock market
    worth almost every country has its own stock market which will be different
    prices because bit coin has no country of origin or corporation Holdings
    each country can choose there own worth so in reality its kinda like the
    Harlem shake but it will be here more than a week
    i’m not saying its a completely worthless idea by any means anyone can
    stock on these coins and cash out when the market is high but other than
    that i don’t think its realistic

  3. Thanks. I’m new to this. Glad I came across this as I was going to go out
    and buy a ton of Expensive equipment

  4. If i jump on the cexio will you guarantee i will make money with their
    cloud based hashing. SO, it ‘s like a webhoster with shared computing. You
    are basically paying someone for their services to help you mine bitcoins.
    So, you don’t own the hardware. Its like going for hosted website vs
    hosting my own?

  5. At can you only purchase hashing power with bitcoins? How much for 1
    gh on in USD? Thanx for the help. Liked and favorite.

  6. I deposited some funds and tried the calculator. Based on actual numbers,
    is anyone making a profit with this process?

    First, what does someone actually get by depositing funds with CEX? How
    does 1 BTC convert into GH/s? 

  7. Thanks for video and for your efforts..Honestly do you think that bitcoin
    still deserve to invest in for mining or no? regarding your experience
    with your KnC Minner what is your ROI?
    thanks again bro

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