Bitcoin 101 – How To Buy/Get Your First Bitcoins

Once you’ve decided you want to buy a few bitcoins life gets difficult. There’s such a mess of confusing options. This video is intended to clear that up and…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 thoughts on “Bitcoin 101 – How To Buy/Get Your First Bitcoins”

  1. Aren’t you Bitcoin advocates GLAD you didn’t buy into BitCoin two weeks ago
    at $1200 per coin? It’s now in the $500 range…….WOW!!! ;-(
    Yes it may climb again…..but it’s obvious volitivity is TOO SCARY for
    most folks who WORK for a living!! It’s showing itself to be not much
    different than the manipulated stock market is!
    “Never invest any more money into ANYTHING than you can afford to LOSE”.

  2. Well, the truth is, I can never hold a dollar. After taxes and
    inflation, I don’t know why I even bother cashing my check. 

  3. Your candor and presentation are really refreshing. First time I’ve seen
    anyone talk about Bitcoins without the hustler approach. Thanks for a great

  4. I predict bit coin value will drop slightly over Christmas time as people
    want the mainstream cash, but after that it will rocket again.

  5. “Bitcoin: Bankers’ Worst Fear” — pfff yeah right :)) welcome to the era
    when money becomes totally electronic and with no coverage … In Time

  6. Bitcoin is just another scam. It can be replaced by a million more coins of
    the exact same nature. An algorithm, there are already many competitors,
    and all of them have zero value.

  7. The basis of ANY currency or exchange mechanism, is based on one and only
    one precept, that being a mutual agreement. This applies to gold, paper and
    bitcoins. The ONLY difference between the three, is the first two are
    dictated to by those who have a vested interest in retaining power/control.
    “We” have been brought up to agree by default.

    What’s more valuable, a kg of gold or five litres of water? Ask someone who
    is dying of thirst in the desert! The manipulators have created the thirst
    that will bring them down.

  8. Bitcoin FTMFW. The next step after this baby goes mainstream? Modify the
    blockchain to be completely anonymous. That would prevent Bitcoin from
    being perverted into a totalitarian nightmare.

    *BTC: 1PADNHhze28JLnXkvhKa6PjMVzspAnwgkH*

  9. 2014 will be the year of Cryptocurrency! BITCOIN LITECOIN DOGECOIN .
    Its growing at an incredible rate and its not too late or to expensive to
    get in near the bottom. DOGECOIN just spiked in value 800%! – $1000 1 week
    ago = $8000
    This is how you invest in Cryptocurrency
    1. Open an account
    2. Open an acoount on Cryptsy
    3. Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase (Start small if you like $20 is ok)
    4. Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Cryptsy
    5. Trade your Bitcoin for any of 120 young CryptoCoin
    6 Cash out in 1 or 2 months for 1000% more than you invested!!

  10. its not. Banks has the money to built heavy metal to miner bitcois. If this
    is interesting financially, they can invest on it.

  11. @VisionVictory Hey, I’m a graphic designer and I really want to tell the
    world that I can accept bitcoin as payment. Is there are good directory
    service for this?

  12. Bring on the One World Crypto-Currency! We’ve heard BTC is Gold 2.0! Aside
    from mining how do you get Bitcoins? There’s a site that’s handing out free
    bitcoins! Literally only penny’s though. Check it out if you want: You can always just “buy” them also.

  13. so far every “crash” i have seen publicized in so called mainstream media
    has been followed by an uptick and overshooting of Bitcoin’s original value

    its behavior is very similar to gold there is a fluctuation that gets
    falsely reported as a crash in order to discourage investment and when the
    value goes back to where it was and then surpasses it that is never

  14. I wonder if alt and mainstream media will not talk about bitcoin much,
    because they have a vested interest in it not working. They will lose all
    their power in banking. Bitcoin or alt currencies are here to stay, we best
    get used to it. It’s E Gold. Is it perfect, no. Is it better than what we
    have, absolutely heck yes. Is it better than gold or silver? Probably,
    because you can do it electronicly, fast, and can function as we do today
    with shopping. Think about it? It’s all ditigital as it is now.

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