Litecoin {LTC} Audit Reveals Richest Holder

In this video I talk about the address that holds the most litecoins, I also devolge into how having too many people owning too much can effect the market an…
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12 thoughts on “Litecoin {LTC} Audit Reveals Richest Holder”

  1. If you could audit worldcoin, and do an in depth, investigative audit, I
    think you would have a show that appeals to a broad audience. WDC is
    bouncing around lately in the top third of most profitable coins to mine,
    and recently, the network effect has increased substantially, miners are
    going there, and the diff has increased, now it’s down near litecoin, and
    fastcoin, a very special coin with it’s very fast confirmation times, the
    fastest of all the more viable coins that are exchanging. Worldcoin and
    fastcoin, and you’ve got a good show that represents the middle of the
    altcoin spectrum.

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