REALIST NEWS – Litecoin EXPLODES from $9 to $40 – Bitcoin hits $1000 (Recommended for Silver and Gold Purchases. I use them now.) (Our new social media website, similar to Face…
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17 thoughts on “REALIST NEWS – Litecoin EXPLODES from $9 to $40 – Bitcoin hits $1000”

  1. And here it is a couple months later and litecoin is back down to $25
    again. Guess what… still lots of room for growth.

  2. I just got a Bitcoin wallet. My website is also accepting Bitcoins. I sell
    my products using Shopify’s marketplace system. They just released an app
    for our sites to accept Bitcoins with. I always thought that Bitcoin would
    explode when more merchants accepted them. It’s happening now. I won’t buy
    Bitcoins, but I will take as many as any1 will give me. lol

  3. Joe, the ponzi scheme is feeding on you. Make sure you get out in front,
    and don’t get caught in a crash. Don’t be the greater fool.
    I do see this going way more crazy though. Most people don’t own a single
    crypto coin. Then, make a contest for the last person to own an ounce of
    silver to lose, and this game will run for decades. In crypto, more doable
    for all the world to own one. Because new currencies could be generated by
    the pressing of a button.

  4. Tried to tell you was no way in hell it was going to pull back like you
    thought. Again lite coin to 100 bitcoin next stop 3200+.

  5. All over sky news guy put hard drive with password for 7500 bit coins in
    bin worth £4 million he had them since they first came out 

  6. Just create a new crypto currency. Call it JoeCoin.
    Mine the first 15,000 units (invest into that) and tell Youtube about it.
    Sit back, sell your rigs, buy 5000 more JoeCoins from people joining the
    mining operation, and watch the action. By $50/JC you’re a millionaire.
    Nothing different than LiteCoin or even BitCoin. Same intrinsic value.
    Better brand even possibly. Potential market cap $100 billion. Or $100

  7. thanks for this video. Really informative! God i wish i got into this
    earlier. i say this about every missed opportunity in the market. Btw can
    you post your specs to your rig?

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