The Bitcoin Group #12 (Live) – Accepts Bitcoin — Miners ditch — IRS Bitcoin

Featuring….. Derrick J. Freeman (, Meghan Lords (, Will Pangman ( and Thomas Hunt …

20 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #12 (Live) – Accepts Bitcoin — Miners ditch — IRS Bitcoin”

  1. screwityoutubization

    Spend a show and talk to us about wallets and security issues as discussed
    at the end of the show. I had my entire account hacked from blockchain.infolast September (and nary a word from them after dozens of attempts).
    Please, consider a bare-bones, ELI5 show for all of the new people and us
    older btc holders that really need more assistance with security. Thanks.

  2. Great stuff, btc group. They have started to build the ground docking
    station for the VIRGIN space flights [who accepts btc] in north Scotland.
    so the flights will be from the U.S. to the U.K.

  3. for btc payments: accepting bitcoin without confirmations is good enough.
    The last time there was a doublespend I know of was in may or so this year?
    And that bug was fixed. It’s almost impossible to fake, for small payments
    under 10k$ it’s more likely to get hit by a lightning than fake a
    transaction imo. There are also cameras ect in petrol stations in case it’s
    happens. I also don’t think waiting 2-3 minutes is much better than waiting
    10 mins when you pay in a supermarket, then rather xycoin with 30 sec
    blocktime. In the future merchants will give a £$%& about confirmations. In
    case I’m wrong please please show me a transaction on blockchain that has 0
    confirmations, is older than 20 seconds and is fake. I give a bounty of
    0,084571 btc within the next 24h to prove me wrong.

  4. screwityoutubization

    I went to Newegg chat at their site, reminded them of the new found wealth
    for many bitcoiners, and time they got on the train to accept btc before
    Mac warehouse or Apple does!

  5. What happens when you have a spoiled rotten, militant, and la la land
    economist to make comments on bitcoin? You get Derrick J. Freeman. And I
    love his new girlfriend, Meghan Lords, as they laugh their way to the glory
    of a free market banana republic. This program almost feels like Bitcoin is
    like a play land for computer gamers, social Darwinists, and malicious
    nerds, except it involves the life and death of real people in their daily
    lives. Sound familiar? Capitalism SUCKS.

  6. I didn’t realize that the porn industry led the way with encrypted
    passwords and streaming videos. Maybe they could lead the way to the mixing
    services that hide your tracks on the blockchain. Interesting.

  7. WARNING.. Don’t use Mt Gox if you want to trade Bitcoin, I’ve been trying
    to withdraw my bit coin from there for over a month now. They have
    horrible costumer service that will take about a week to reply to any
    question. And will make you jump through hoops to get your btc back. I’m
    still waiting.

  8. Eduardo Elias Camponez

    Have you seen that? “After 21 hours on, we’ve had 780
    #Bitcoin orders that accounted for $124,000 in sales.”

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