Charlie Lee Talks About Litecoin, Bitcoin, And Coinbase

Open your first bitcoin wallet on Coinbase here: In this interview Charlie was kind enough to talk about his…
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21 thoughts on “Charlie Lee Talks About Litecoin, Bitcoin, And Coinbase”

  1. why dose it take so long to get my Bitcoin from coinbase ? this is a pain
    and will not use this site after I get my BTC if i ever get it. 

  2. coinminingrigs

    This is one of the great things about Litecoin. The guy who invented it
    works at Coinbase. And the best part? His brother runs the largest Bitcoin
    exchange in the world BTCChina. When Litecoin gets added to both
    locations… wow! Time to build a Litecoin miner. At today’s
    value/difficulty levels, a 4 GPU rig will cost you $1,500 to build and net
    you around $500/mo worth of Litecoin. Full guide at

  3. Duh Enlightened One

    Coinbase says they reached their buy limit for today and will only let you
    buy bitcoins for the market price of bitcoin 4 days in the future!!! So if
    you order to buy 1 bitcoin today, you won’t know what you paid for it until
    4 days from now. What kind of business does such a thing. coinbase better
    get their act together because so far they have lied to their customers
    about the timing of bitcoin delivery.

  4. why it takes so long to get your bitcoin on coinbase? I bought some and I
    was told that it will take like 5/6 days before I get them.

  5. Winnie The Poo

    280x 290 290x ASUS at lowest possible price thru group buys and our
    corporate account with major distibutors. Email us for a price list.

  6. *coins certainly can be lent and are in a number of ways. Of course, it’s
    quite risky because transfers are irreversible. They actually make much
    better collateral than principal.

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