REALIST NEWS – Litecoin – Prepare to buy Litecoin when the crypto currency bubble pops soon.

I will probably use this exchange: (Recommended for Silver and Gold Purchases. I use them now.) http…

Super Custom BitCoin/LiteCoin Mining Rig 2.0 - Tech Tips

Super duper custom LiteCoin Mining. ASIC cards rule the world for BitCoin mining so we show you how to use Radeon cards to create a cool LiteCoin Mining syst…
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30 thoughts on “REALIST NEWS – Litecoin – Prepare to buy Litecoin when the crypto currency bubble pops soon.”

  1. Sounds like you don’t want bitcoin or litecoin, you want dollars.
    cryptocurrency speculation is a means to defraud people from dollars.

  2. Comex has 69 contracts for every one ounce of Gold. When this gets out and
    becomes common ,Comex will defualt and Gold and Silver will skyrocket and
    our world will change overnight…

  3. Is it true the allegations I’m hearing that clif and George split up?
    Clif’s getting out of the web bot project? I heard he was feeling ” bad”
    that we didn’t have a global costal event…….. Yet!!! I always thought
    clif never says when an event will happen but gives the time frame…(?) 

  4. David Bermudez

    Once BTC goes down to $0.05 I’m buying 10,000 BTC and keeping them and
    until the next bubble inflates.

  5. šimon Fujdala

    look at this huyzz: http:// petaxminer. com/ – best prices of miners..
    facebook page: facebook. com/petaxminer

  6. Wait .. Each card consump 300w .. So we need 1800w only for these cards so
    we need 2 power supply (1000*2) and you use (850*2) can somone tell me how
    this work!?

  7. Bits Be Trippin'

    From one channel to another, good job … My question however is did you
    guys actually turn that on? Because 850w is not enough for 3 of those cards
    … Under a full load those 280x’s will pull (even optimized and voltage
    modded) 250w-265w each. You combine that with one of those PSU’s holding up
    that mb/cpu and your first PSU is going to clip out pushing that 850 well
    over 1k/w AC … with a 90% efficiency you will be just over 850w… couple
    that with any core/mem clock adjusting and you could easily pop that PSU.
    You really need to aim for a 1050 to 1200 if putting (3) 280x’s…

    Check our channel out if you want to know more. It is dedicated at
    educating people on this exact subject of building cryptocurrency mining


  8. I need help!! So I’m building a rig and I’ve got one major question. How
    did linus put 6 graphics cards into his motherboard if he only had 1PCIE
    Express slot? Don’t you need 6PCIE Express slots if you wanted to put in 6
    graphics cards?

  9. George Papageorgakis

    Where can i find a case like this? I mean, i cant get it from plain tubes i
    dont have the equipment. so?

  10. Linus quick question. 1 card. same model. but 2gb vs 4gb of ram. will it
    affect mining performance?And is it worth the extra 40-60$? (specifically
    r9 270x windforce card for gaming/mining on single screen)

  11. ASICs are coming to Litecoin. If you think you’re going to profit from
    buying GPUs now and mine later, think again. However, GPU mining may still
    be viable in the future in some other coin with a different algorithm. Some
    guy is developing GPU mining software for Primecoin. So for the GPU miners
    out there, just hope he succeeds.

  12. In the end what we are really interested in is the result. How much is the
    average rate for litecoin mining? quantity/hour or so?

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