USB ASIC miner unboxing and testing

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18 thoughts on “USB ASIC miner unboxing and testing”

  1. This bitcoin thingy is just silly. Just think of how much electricity
    you’re spending.
    Besides, running a GPU on full power for 24/7 won’t make it last long. The
    internal components(resistors, transistors and diodes) burn out after time
    at constant high temperatures.
    The only one who makes profit out of Bitcoins is everyone else except the
    normal user/miner.
    This is only my opinion, but think of this outside of the box. If this
    really makes profit, why isn’t everyone who has a computer doing it?

  2. artifactingreality

    i started mining yesterday ive already made 6 bitcoins with my new asic
    rig. I’ll sell it to you but first I need a $1000 deposit to prove you have
    the money

  3. this kid knows fucking nothing. I overclock my uh… overclock.. uhhm.. my
    thing thingy gpus, it is at agh hurpdy derp 100mhz derp.
    crank up msi afterburner and then thinks he is an ocing king. no I don’t
    want your burnt out cards on ebay.

  4. shouldnt use the headers on your mobo for high power/heat devices. should
    run them from a external powered usb port usb preferably, that way you
    could populate a few of the hubs! 

  5. Frank Lieberwirth

    They should twist the USB thing 90 degrees so you can place them next to
    each other in a normal pc

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