Bitcoin v Banks: ‘Annoyance with system brings on virtual cash boom’

The virtual cash Bitcoin continues to impress in the global financial arena. For the first time a university in the UK has decided to accept the digital curr…

20 thoughts on “Bitcoin v Banks: ‘Annoyance with system brings on virtual cash boom’”

  1. “Integral to Bitcoin is a public database and sequential record of all
    transactions, known as the block chain

    Growth of the Bitcoin money supply is predefined by the ‘Bitcoin protocol’,
    and in this way inflation is kept in check. Currently there are over twelve
    million bitcoins in circulation with an approximate creation rate of 25
    bitcoins every ten minutes. The total supply is capped by 21 million.

    Currently, doing the work of payment processing is rewarded with newly
    created bitcoins, 25 per block. The block reward will be halved to 12.5
    bitcoins in 2017 and again approximately every four years thereafter” –

    In summary, those who does the payment processing for bitcoin transactions
    (bit mining) will be the future ‘bitcoin banks’.

    Do note that the ‘money supply’ is CONTROLLED by a ‘virtual bank’ or
    entity. So, the one who is actually controlling it will be your future
    ‘world bank’. Go think.. you seriously think that no one is behind this
    currency controlling it? You are absolutely wrong, there are people behind
    it controlling its supply, tho I hate to admit it but they are indeed
    pushing for a ‘world currency’, a one BIG FEDERAL RESERVE system.

  2. If this was not a creation of the banksters them selves it would have been
    brought down long ago, thats how they own most of it in circulation !!!

  3. Bit coin has been pushed & hyped from day 1 and is the harbinger of the
    cashless society at least if it was convertible to local regional micro
    currencies that in turn were pegged to some tangible value then it might be
    a good idea. However: its nature is speculative and therefore disasterous
    to those not positioned in the speculation bubble.
    Good bye cash hello mark of the beast ..

  4. “For some people it’s a protest” is like saying “some people buy better
    products for cheaper prices in protest”. In other words it’s meaningless
    and to put it in such terms is trying to spin it like people are having an
    immature tantrum. It’s a lot more serious than a mere “protest” old chap!

  5. BitCoin. Designed by NSA.
    Buy more of it! Sponsor them more! Can’t you people see it is a well
    designed trap?
    US economy is going down, they are trying to indoctrinate BitCoin to save
    their asses.
    Are people really that blind not to see it?

  6. Wakeupcalldeadend

    Banks are really scared of bitcoin. Most of the media tries to spread fear
    towards this currency because if something like this succeeded then banks
    would lose control.

  7. LuckyMarketGameplay

    Everything in this world only has the value we instill upon it.
    Doge to the moon!

    *such* *wow*
    v amaze

  8. So much idiots who dont know nothing about virtual currencies commenting
    here, there are thousands of different cryptcoins than bitcoin, its not
    like the only one out there, all these super conspiracy nuts and christians
    thinking about mark of the beast LOL

  9. I certainly use it as a protest against the corrupt banking system… maybe
    if this thing came out in 2001 we could have let the banks die in 2008
    instead of bailing them out while they still receive extortionate bonuses
    and commit numerous amounts of fraud.

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