Bitcoin Mining- First Payout | EpicReviewGuys

After two months of Bitcoin mining with our Bitmain Antminer- we finally get our first payout. But re-doing the math I …

What is Bitcoin Mining - O que é Mineração Bitcoin Geteasy ?

A GetEasy tem sempre como objetivo inovar, e por isso recentemente acaba de lançar mais uma linha de produto inovador e de sucesso na internet. Este produto …
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10 thoughts on “Bitcoin Mining- First Payout | EpicReviewGuys”

  1. EpicReviewGuys

    We are now the proud owner of a tiny piece of Bitcoin. But it looks like we
    may never make enough to break even.

  2. once scrypt asics come out do you really think exchanges will buy your ltc
    for btc?,the simple answer is no because there worthless even tho they have
    a usd value, what will the exchanges do with your ltc once they have bought
    from you?, the answer is they will just store it but at the same time be
    loosing out on btc,stay away from cryptocurrency because its a fucking

  3. I look at Bitcoins kind of like a modern day “gold rush”.. Sure, some
    people will strike it rich mining, but the majority of people who chose to
    mine will never break even.. If we look back at the California gold rush of
    1849, history tells us that more people will strike it rich selling
    supplies, rather than actually mining.. History also tells us that the
    harder it gets to find gold, the more valuable gold becomes.. After Mt. Gox
    stopped trading in Bitcoin, I was sure Bitcoins were done for.. However, it
    appears they are going to survive this fiasco and come back stronger than
    ever.. Everyday new retailers are announcing that they are going to start
    accepting Bitcoin as payment. I’m starting to think that there may be a
    real potential for Bitcoins to skyrocket in value over the next couple
    years.. I actually have a meeting with my financial adviser on Monday, I’m
    going to look at borrowing against my 401k to invest in Bitcoins..

  4. I wonder if the hackers/spammers that highjack millions of pcs (bots) for
    their total computing power for their mass spam emails will use that same
    technique for bit mining??

  5. your wrong, i know someone that bought a knc jupiter in november 2013 and
    there still not in profit and its just getting worst every week for them,
    stay away from bitcoin minning.

  6. Jeremy Goldberg

    I got one for you we sell snow, it can be used for almost anything from
    homes, to steam engines, icesculptures, drinks, cooking foods, and it’s
    free where I’m at. Want to be my partner, yes shipping to the deserts
    might be a problem at first but once those initial keep cool machines are
    in place it will be simple, we will rule the world. I will trade snow for
    fuel to the middle east and change the economy of the world. Or we could
    sell refrigerators haven’t figured out which is better. :))) still hope
    you win on this one, be nice to see a big pay out off a gamble.

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