Bitcoin Mining Is Dead

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23 thoughts on “Bitcoin Mining Is Dead”

  1. just means you need better stuff now to mine at the rate bitcoins are going
    at, also i want to give you another perspective of it, your hash now should
    be rendering lower coins that have very little difficulty and the higher
    more advanced software mines btc and ltc

  2. The permutations of the Ponzi scam are everywhere. This one rewards early
    investors with bitcoins from future investors. But like all Ponzi scams,
    they will run out of new investors. I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell
    cheap. Hurry, supplies are limited. Satisfaction guaranteed or double your
    Brooklyn Bridges back. Free shipping.

  3. Yes, and I´m making about 29$ a day mining BTCs 😉

    P.s. At first I lost 599$ but as time passes BTC´s worth increased from 12$
    up to over 800$ – isn´t that AMAZING???

  4. I laughed at bitcoin as soon as it came out and I laugh at it now. It is a
    scam plain and simple. LOLOLOLOLOLOL bitcoin the ponzi scheme 

  5. 1 coin a month for doing nothing – thats what A 100 bucks works worth for
    doing nothing – that can pay for your internet – or your cable bill combo
    for free – some thing from nothing that is what your asking – Its A hobbie
    & like all hobbies you do it for fun – if you get something out of it great

  6. Justin Hartley

    So its not really dead unless you have some a better comp and some
    money… highschool children are weeded out…..sounds great
    …….Im so funny….just fucking with ya, no harm

  7. you are more likely to solve a block if you have more power, right? so
    getting more power in relation to the rest of the world means you should
    make more money in proportion, right?

  8. For my youtube #bitcoin followers I’m going to be doing a new video on
    cloud mining, mtgox, and answer your questions trading techniques that I
    got from my last popular video. Bitcoin Mining is Dead Bitcoin Mining Is

    If anyone has any questions, or suggestions that they’d like me to touch on
    please feel free to comment.

  9. Imagine someone who mined hundreds of bitcoins when they were still worth a
    few bucks… They’d be so rich right now!

  10. Damn! Wish I bought like… 10 of them at $100 dollars back then, I would
    have more than duodecuple (times 10) my money.

  11. Just got on butterflylab website and I get “Unable to connect to database”
    Makes me feel uneasy with this lol

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