FULL Interview, Charles Lee, Litecoin Creator, Will Litecoin Overtake Bitcoin?

FULL Interview, Charles Lee, Litecoin Creator, Will Litecoin Overtake Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is like digital Gold and Litecoin is like digital Silver. For more infos visit bitcoin.com bitcointalk.org forum.litecoin.net.

17 thoughts on “FULL Interview, Charles Lee, Litecoin Creator, Will Litecoin Overtake Bitcoin?”

  1. BankersWorstFear

    @paigow66 we really tried to get his brother Bobby Lee, who did a great
    presentation for BTC in China, but he had a crowd of groupies around him
    the whole time

  2. He makes *excellent* PR! E.g. he claims litecoin is “silver” of bitcoin’s
    gold. That is great marketing, hardly anybody sees that it’s actually
    complete nonsense. The only diff of litecoin to bitcoin is (1) the 4x
    shorter conf time, (2) the hash algo and (3) 4x greater money supply. None
    of these are advantages, none of them make litecoin “lighter” or better to
    use: More money supply means that double float mantissa cannot express
    litecoins, you need 64bit integer data types in LTC software where you can
    also use double float data types in BTC SW. 4x shorter conf time means more
    orphans in the blockchain and more prone to “selfish miner” kind of attacks
    – for immediate payment confirmations you need off-blockchain services for
    both coins, so blockchain conf time is no issue! Finally, scrypt hash algo
    makes LTC much more prone to botnets where BTC is virtually safe against
    this thanks to ASIC friendly SHA256 hash algo! But hardly anyone sees this,
    so litecoin guys make *excellent* PR.

  3. Bitcoin Catalogue

    interesting interview with Charles Lee, the creator of Litecoin … about
    Bitcoins of course 🙂

    #CharlesLee #Litecoin #LTC #bitcoin #BTC 

  4. Nicklebag Neighbors

    Bitcoin has no “Founder”…this is deliberate.
    Crypto-currencies are the biggest threat to the financial establishment…
    Being in control of one of these currencies puts a target on your back….
    Notice how Lee says “I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to”
    Are you familiar with how these Banksters operate?
    What happened to …all the countries refusing IMF loans?
    …the countries trying to sell their oil outside the petrodollar?
    Its bigger than its dollar value…
    Notice Bejing just banned Bitcoin transactions through its central bank…
    100 years of Modern central banking is enough… 

  5. Bitcoin is the Gold Medal and Litecoin is the Silver Medal. Everything
    else will be Bronze. Like people can use a credit card instead of cash to
    pay for stuff, you will now be able to just use Bit/Litecoin as shown in
    the video.

  6. “If i owe you 200 pounds and a bit coin is worth 200 pounds and I pay you
    with a bitcoin and tomorrow the value halves then I’ve gotten away with
    paying you the full amount”… how does this analogy make any sense ? If
    you have agreed on the method of the payment, what happens after the
    transaction is immaterial. This would be the same as saying “if I owed you
    200 pounds and the US dollar today equal the pound and I pay you with 200
    USD, then tomorrow USD price halves then I haven’t paid you the full
    amount”. Isn’t this the same argument ? 

  7. Paradise Scientist

    This clip shows how bias the BBC are against Bitcoin and how they try to
    emphasise the negative elements of the digital currency. The chief finance
    guy is paid to make sure Bitcoin is not taken seriously but is shot down
    with every point Max Keiser makes. Thanks for uploading

  8. Ah. Bullshit. Its exactly the opposite. They realize people are not using
    the banking system. This will lead to a global centralized system. Where a
    nsa. Super cpu. Can track trace evey I.p. address. Every transaction. Do
    exactly the opposite of what you hear. Of course the bitcoin trolls. Will
    attack. You can opt out. By buying gold and silver. Physical form. But we
    gotta kill this thing. One world currency. We heard about it for Year’s.
    Here you have it. 

  9. Expect Bitcoin’s popularity is just a symptom of our mindless
    addiction/religious fetish for the latest in technological “progress”,
    unfortunately this myth that commodities, made of stuff that comes out of
    mines, & is processed by corporations is taking us “forward” is fantasy,
    it’s destroying the basis for our survival.

    I’d be less surprised if non electronic local currencies (which some towns
    created & thrived with during WW2 (might have been WW1 or the depression
    don’t recall) combined with largely self-reliant homesteads turn out to be
    the real future, but so un-chic & uncool! it could never happen that would
    be going “back”

    future, if there is one, might be a bit of both I suppose. Surprised max is
    staking his rep on this. 

  10. Kristian Lehnen

    When I hear you “can’t backup bitcoin” or its “prone to seizure” I just
    assume there is someone 100% misinformed.

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