Mini Bitcoin Mining Rig with 11 USB Block Erupter from ASICminer

Donations for any help appreciated 🙂 1PMrJ6TmkHwKVoChpuBpsjttoH8yEK9C8m Just to actually show you how silent this is – nothing compared to my 2011 rig with …
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Block Erupter Cube Guide

This shows you how to set-up your Block Erupter Cube. Buy a cube their cheap on amazon less than 0! The guide I mention on my site ca…
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33 thoughts on “Mini Bitcoin Mining Rig with 11 USB Block Erupter from ASICminer”

  1. Bryan Agoncillo

    Do you think it is worth buying a few of those to make money or just save
    up for the big rigs. 🙂

    I was planning to buy a few of these for starters then buy bigger rigs when
    money is able.

  2. if your video is just going to be still like that with no music ect. you
    might aswell have just took a picture

  3. are you mining any other alternative coins?
    Looking to start mining just for fun. any suggestions?
    gonna start with my pc using ati 5450. Should I get a few of those usb
    Start with other crypto currencies? thanks

  4. I can’t connect my miner to the corsair PSU! cables with 6 prongs but don’t
    know which cables go with what? which 2 of the 4 that have 6 prongs
    actually go to the erupter blade miner and which go back to the psu. so
    confused. I was told I’d need a jumper something like that. Would be happy
    to donate for some effective help. Thank you.

  5. Tyler McClain

    plz help me i got cg miner to work
    but i cant get the driver to work! help!
    Downloaded it but cant install
    this is what i did :
    make install
    this is what i get
    make -C /lib/modules/3.5.0-17-generic/build
    M=/home/administrator/asic/ftdi_sio modules
    make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.5.0-17-generic’
    CC [M] /home/administrator/asic/ftdi_sio/cp210x.o
    /home/administrator/asic/ftdi_sio/cp210x.c:164:12: error:
    ‘usb_serial_probe’ undeclared here (not in a function)
    /home/administrator/asic/ftdi_sio/cp210x.c:165:16: error:
    ‘usb_serial_disconnect’ undeclared here (not in a function)
    /home/administrator/asic/ftdi_sio/cp210x.c: In function ‘cp210x_init’:
    /home/administrator/asic/ftdi_sio/cp210x.c:989:2: error: implicit
    declaration of function ‘usb_serial_register’
    /home/administrator/asic/ftdi_sio/cp210x.c:996:3: error: implicit
    declaration of function ‘usb_serial_deregister’
    cc1: some warnings being treated as errors
    make[2]: *** [/home/administrator/asic/ftdi_sio/cp210x.o] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [*module*/home/administrator/asic/ftdi_sio] Error 2
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-3.5.0-17-generic’
    make: *** [all] Error 2

  6. it will “kill” all current miners at some point, even the big avalons and
    whatever is on the market in the next months. if the exchange rate rises,
    mining with older/slower hardware will be more profitable. and it depends
    on where you live (energy costs vary 😉 but the USB BE’s will not fall off
    the hubs when the diff is too high if that is what you mean 😉 and you can
    always mine with it if you want, even if you have to pay for the
    electricity costs at some point.

  7. hmm first you could update to cgminer 3.4.2., but that should not be the
    problem. have you tried to plug them in one by one? so like plug in the new
    hub and 1 stick, start cgminer. when the one is mining and not being marked
    as zombie, plugin the next one, it will be detected in cgminer as “new
    icarus added” or something like that. go on until you have all 4 working.
    if that does not work, you could have a usb driver issue – which means
    uninstall the usb driver for the sticks and reinstall them

  8. thats an endless debate… they don’t keep their promises with shipping
    dates, try to get you to “upgrade” you order to the newest, unreleased
    product and so on. and there are many more companys, there is KNC, Bitfury,
    the Big Picture Mining Cooperative, ASICminer… Avalon is not producing at
    the moment and if you order at BFL now, you will probably receive your
    miner in 6 months… 😉

  9. Via BitMinter pool I’ve earned 0.01588090 bitcoins. Not a lot I know, but
    I’m pulling an average of 670 Mhps for the last 11 days and 25 minutes. For
    better results you should increase the processing power into the Ghps,
    which I will be doing soon by going from 2 to 6 block erupters, plus a
    D-Link 7 port USB hub. I should be running at 2.1 Ghps once I’ve upgraded.
    I chatted to a guy in Twitter who is running 1,007,490 Mhps, and at the
    current difficulty it’ll mine around $11,000 a month!

  10. Hey I am a total newb miner and I would greatly love your advice on
    something. I am currently saving up to buy a butterfly lab bitcoin miner,
    but in the meantime I want to buy a USB Erupter ASIC Bitcoin Miner at 330
    mh/s to see how well it works. I was just curious if it will be able to run
    with gui miner. Thank you :). Any other advice is greatly appreciated

  11. nah not enough sun up here and the solar panels would be to expensive
    anyway 😉 (and what at night? 😉

  12. Yes AM 335mh/s block erupter. My whole energy bill is at 38€/month and
    electricity is really really expensive here, (24 €-cents / kWh!) Simply get
    a computer that does not consume too much (Mac Mini) and a A+++ fridge and
    you can nearly half your energy costs 😉

  13. You need to find a hub with a PSU that has a higher amperage. There are 10
    port USB 3.0 hubs on Amazon that will support 10 sticks at once without
    burning out.

  14. Ok cool dude I am currently looking into solar power for my Pi and USB hubs
    so then ill be mining for free and its a cool project you had any plans for
    solar? haha

  15. aaand the Raspberry Pi does not support USB 3.0 hubs yet, for them you
    would need to run them on a PC or Mac. RPi needs the USB 2.0 hubs

  16. So how much are you making with these cubes?

    Also, does internet quality/speed play a factor in the mining process?

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