Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference to create Waves in Washington D.C.


May 2014
Contact: M.K. Lords


Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference to create Waves in Washington D.C.

(Washington, D.C.) This season has seen a growth in the quantity of Bitcoin conferences, but one specifically is priding itself on featuring probably the most radical movers and shakers in the Bitcoin community while also putting charity center stage. Boasting such rebels as Defense Distributed’s Cody Wilson, Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne,’s Angela Keaton, and Blockchain’s Andreas Antonopoulos, Bitcoin in the Beltway will undoubtedly be highlighting probably the most disruptive components of blockchain technology in the center of government regulation-Washington D.C.

Jason King, founder of Sean’s Outpost Homeless Outreach, developed the thought of the conference. Sean’s Outpost has been probably the most inspiring bitcoin charities, delivering 60,000 meals to the homeless in the Pensacola area in a single year. The co-chair of Bitcoin in the Beltway is Elizabeth Ploshay of the Bitcoin Foundation, who’s also known on her behalf great use bitcoin charity projects. A keynote panel made up of Jason King, Davi Barker, Andreas Antonopoulos, and M.K. Lords will undoubtedly be discussing the broken nonprofit system and how blockchain technology can offer better solutions.

“I result from a technology background from the start-up technology world, and there’s a thought of methodology there a small team of experienced, efficient people can knock an incumbent from their seat when you are more focused and result oriented, so we’re attempting to apply that ditto to philanthropy and nonprofits.”-Jason King of Sean’s Outpost in a Bitcoin Not Bombs interview.

Music will undoubtedly be another feature of the conference. Bitcoin in the Beltway will feature the talented Tatiana Moroz, creator of the infectious Bitcoin Jingle, DJ/hacker extraordinaire YT Cracker, and Zhou Tonged, also referred to as the bitcoin world’s Weird Al Yankovich.

The conference will need place June 20-22nd at The Marriott Renaissance DC Downtown. Tickets can be bought at and 10% of proceeds head to Sean’s Outpost Homeless Outreach. You don’t desire to miss this revolutionary event built round the most exciting technology because the internet.

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