Maxcoin Client Review | Crypto Investing 301 | Detroit Rules

In this edition of the Goldcoin Report™, MicroGuy provides insider tips for making money in the digital currency world. Also featured is his “no holds barred…
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If you find this video helpful, donations are greatly appreciated. Bitcoin address: 15YLurRujmqgELrvu2hj3T8LFxhx8Dkj1y Maxcoin address: mP5wuqtWpZh8Sf2tyHqCb…
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6 thoughts on “Maxcoin Client Review | Crypto Investing 301 | Detroit Rules”

  1. ChiefClickClack

    If that Black and Tan tastes like a “Detroit Strip Club”, you better get
    your mouth checked for STD’s after drinking that…lol
    Great video :)

  2. Regarding the windows installer for maxcoin, there is actually one ready to
    go for the next release.

  3. CCR is reporting that GLD was disproportionately pre mined in the first
    days. Is this real and if not how can we get it taken off.

  4. In step 5, it should say, “Go back to Maxcoin folder that you created in
    step 2” not step 3.

  5. mangozz maxcoin

    Pretty bad when Maxcoin is the only wallet you have to do all this. If this
    is the best Maxcoin devs can do, then this coin is going nowhere for a long
    time. Maybe they should call the Dogecoin devs and ask them how to make a
    wallet for the not so tech-savvy.

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