What are bitcoins? Molly explains in today’s episode. Click here for show notes: Tweets: @rocketboom Facebookery:…
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24 thoughts on “Bitcoins”

  1. Why didn’t i listen to Molly!?

    I could be filthy rich by now! I bet the price of bitcoins back in 2011 was
    dirt cheap!

  2. @MySecretMessages: So much irony in your comment xD if you have bougth some
    bitcoins when you commented it would now be worth 4 times as much!

  3. Allan Cristhian Kath Kipfer

    ! in trust god! ps: please no stupid comment, grow up bitches (that’s not 4
    you sweet girl)

  4. Cant bitcoinds be faked/forged? I mean.. there are people out there who can
    do everything with a computer

  5. …and computer cost, computational efficiency, competition, difficulty,
    and how warm you want your computer room to be.

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