Bitcoin Roundup News: Celeb Photo Leak, KnCMiner, The Bit Drop Project, CEO of Mt Gox, Charlie Shrem

This week’s Bitcoin News from KnCMiner, The Bit Drop Project, The Former CEO of Mt Gox, Charlie Shrem and The NSFW Fappening Celebrity Photo Leak! Like us on…

3 thoughts on “Bitcoin Roundup News: Celeb Photo Leak, KnCMiner, The Bit Drop Project, CEO of Mt Gox, Charlie Shrem”

  1. Much better sound this time.
    On that mining equipment company I disagree with your wording when you said
    the company couldn’t keep up with customer’s demands. That implies that the
    demands may not have been reasonable but that’s far from the truth.
    Basically they delayed delivery of their equipment for months and months
    while the miners became so obsolete as to be useless. They treated their
    customers terribly and now they’re being shunned by the bitcoin community.
    I know I’ll never EVER do any kind of business with them. And your comment
    “talk about being fair to your customers” doesn’t seem called for to me.
    Was that sentence in their press release? Same goes for *”Way to go for
    putting your existing and future customers first”. That one also doesn’t
    seem appropriate either.

    Good job being skeptical about Mark Karpelès. His reputation is destroyed
    due to his own actions and anything he ever tries to get going will be
    tainted forever. A huge percentage of people in bitcoin will never EVER do
    business with him again. I’m one of them. Never again.

    Charlie Shrem’s experience taught everyone in bitcoin a valuable lesson.
    Government and law enforcement representatives can’t be trusted, ever. The
    less you have to do with them the better. Government is not a human being.
    It uses human employees but it is not human and any bond of loyalty and
    decency that any of it’s employees have will be discarded when convenient.
    Then the giant wheels of government will smash you into a paste on the
    ground. Government should never be trusted, never be worked with if you can
    avoid it because the very moment it becomes convenient it will turn against
    you. The best strategy is to assume a low profile and do the best you can
    to avoid being noticed. Don’t try to help them, don’t try to work with
    them, just leave them alone like any other highly dangerous and
    unpredictable organism.

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