Bitcoin ASIC Miner Block Erupter 333MH/s Crazy Price Hike

The price is crazy high on Ebay….

A video I uploaded to aid the sales of my ebay ad.
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5 thoughts on “Bitcoin ASIC Miner Block Erupter 333MH/s Crazy Price Hike”

  1. OldSchoolTechCorner

    With any miners you have to buy them at the right price, usually directly
    from a china wholesale and plan ROI around 1-2.5 months, you never want to
    go over that pretty much. The bigger ASIC machines you usually can get a
    better deal on, as not to many people have a few thousand laying around, or
    want to risk that much. I usually get these for around 1 month to 1-1/2
    months ROI on 200gh/s – 400gh/s, as seller have a harder time trying to off
    load these, due to cost. Number one rule, stay away from pre-orders on
    eBay, they are scams, you will get ripped off and if it’s a company you do
    the pre-order with, look at their details and make sure they are a
    reputable company and even then expect delays, as it’s a pretty big project
    to design and test a miner, requires a lot of funding and time to get right.

    The biggest mistake people make is they expect to get rich, just be happy
    you get a decent return on your investment and don’t buy and pay higher
    price based off speculation.

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