XAPO Partners with Online Gaming Business CEVO; Holds $21,000 Free gift


Bitcoin business Xapo revealed a collaboration with e-sports company CEVO and bitcoin-based video gaming service Leet to offer a seamless, bitcoin-enabled competitive video gaming experience to gamers.

“Our team believe that video gaming presents one of Bitcoin’s the majority of interesting development opportunities, as fast, inexpensive and protected bitcoin payments have the prospective to open the worldwide video gaming community to gamers who do not have access to a savings account or charge card,” notes the XAPO announcement. “CEVO users will now be able to earn and challenge their close friends for bitcoins throughout a few of the world’s most popular video games.”

Founded in December of 2004 with the objective to transform competitive online gaming into an expert sport, CEVO (“Cyber Evolution”) hosts totally free and pay-to-play tournaments throughout a variety of AAA video games such as Counter-Strike, a first-person shooter video game established by Valve Corporation, League of Legends and Group Fortress 2. A lot of CEVO e-sporting tournaments are based upon the newest game in the Counter-Strike franchise, the online tactical first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Worldwide Offending (abbreviated as CS: GO). Leet likewise offers CS: GO and League of Legends competitions.

CS: GO gamers sign up with either the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist team and effort to finish goals or eliminate the opponent team. Gamers purchase weapons and devices at the beginning of every round, and winners get compensation after the video game ends. CS: GO is exceptionally sensible and addicting to hordes of adrenaline-filled online players who enough energy (and cash) in the video game to validate the label “e-sport.”

Upcoming Virtual Fact headsets such as the Oculus Rift, are anticipated to be able to supply even more reasonable 360-degree immersion in online video games, will certainly further enhance the appeal of e-sports.

“Over the last a number of months Xapo has actually invested considerable resources in trying to better understand how Bitcoin can be utilized to improve a game’s engagement, retention and monetization,” says XAPO’s Director of Business Development Fernando Gouveia. “As part of that effort, we have been developing new APIs that enable video game designers to quickly develop in-game performance for managing bitcoin deposits, withdrawals and transactions.”

“Do you play @CounterStrikeGO?”– asks Gouveia on Twitter. “Well now you can play versus your pals for #bitcoin with @xapo, @cevo and @leetgg! “

XAPO recently partnered with multiuser Minecraft server BitQuest to check out the capacity of bitcoin in online video games and virtual worlds. BitQuest leverages the Xapo API and the open-ended function set of the enormously popular Minecraft game to create a compelling online video gaming experience with a user friendly internal economy based upon bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is the finest prospect to be the official currency of virtual worlds and BitQuest, making it beyond gambling, utilizing it to fuel virtual societies for fun and connecting individuals together, is a leap forward in the instructions we desire to see Bitcoin in gaming,” chief BitQuest designer Cristián Gonzáles told CoinDesk.

BitQuest has “major gaming,” consisting of a virtual architecture contest. That’s but a very first example of converging virtual fact and blockchain innovation, and demonstrates how bitcoin can be a strong structure for the in-game economies of social games such as Second Life and forthcoming virtual worlds such as “Second Life successor” High Fidelity.

Meanwhile, CEVO is providing away $ 21,000 in bitcoin to new users who open a CEVO account and link it to their XAPO bitcoin wallet.

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