Started My Own Bitcoin Mining Pool – Guyver’s Bitcoin Mining Pool

Updated June 6th, 2014:

I Moved here for cloud mining!:

I’m better off on this so people would have a better time with cloud mining rather then having problems with replacing hardware and electric bill problems. I’m no longer gonna be using triplemining since its gonna be a problem for people money wise.

My reasons in why i’m doing this is because it will be easier for people to get gigahashes from in the website and will be more secure and efficient to buy hashing from the website to use for mining rather then spending it on hardware and loosing profit to electric bill expenses!

This will help you out better because there is a 0% pool fee in this website compared to the 1% fee in triple mining but, there is a 3% fee to help with repairs on the server so this would be a little better to have then not getting a whole lot off of triplemining because you can keep it on with mining as long as you want without having to worry about your electric bills being jacked up from on the electric bill from expenses!

Wish You luck and happy hashing!

My other reason is because i’m also getting thrown out of my house next week from my parents so i wanted everyone to be able to go somewhere while i’m gone so you don’t have to rely on my for help or support. This website has e-mail support from the webmaster & has self-help in the support tab to the website. Its the best i can do for now but, i had no choice to take the link to my mining pool off of the website so people will know whats going on with me lately. I don’t know if i’ll be staying with my dad or winding up homeless, so it was a good run with triplemining when i had it around for 6 months but i left the link to the website on my mining pool title to the website as well so people will know that the pool is moving there.


Down Below is Old & Outdated (Excluding Bitcoin Address) :

My Bitcoin Address: 1LXy2yqk2SKT154PpeG49ous6Ptg6f5D7T
(My bitcoin address if you wanna send me bitcoins)

I wanted to get started in bitcoin because of the prices getting higher in trading from the economy experiment from the crypto-currency that computers generate. I mean yeah i wanna be involved in this but, i wanted something that would not like use any power at all, so i looked on google and saw an online miner but that was just gonna work the same way as when i use to use bitminter for cpu mining. So i didn’t wanna ruin the hardware on my computer. Afterwords i looked at cloud hashing and it was too expensive for a year contract. Even butterfly labs was doing cloud hashing but it was too expensive for paying .83 per gigahash and you would need like hundreds of gigahashes to mine a lot of bitcoins today.

After looking at all that i pondered for a bit in my free time on how people made mining pools to host for other people. So i went back on google and looked around then found the website that is the link above to invite people to my mining pool on the hosted website. i really liked how they had things and i really liked that they had jackpots each week to keep things going so this fit with what i wanted to do to get involved into bitcoin. I was happy with it and started sharing my link to invite people to my pool so they can start using my pool and use their mining rigs to start hashing away! 😀

So if you would like to help out in my pool with whatever mining rigs you have big or small, even if its a usb hub with a fan and usb bitcoin miners then your more then welcome to use my pool for bitcoin mining! 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Bitmain Antminer S3 (478 GigaHash/sec) and ThermalTake 700 Watt power supply unpacking, assembly and ready for mining. Easy supplemental income for the Age of Enlightenment.

Estimate: per day per machine, assuming 1 Bitcoin is about 0. /day for 10 machines. 0/day for 100 machines. Each miner costs 0 + power supply and can pay for itself in about 110 days.

We recommend the Bitmain Antminer S3 480 GigaHash per second Bitcoin miner for 0, plus power supply which pays itself off at /day in about 110 days, assuming the current BTC price of about 0.

How to keep the power supply on with a jumper wire.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

11 thoughts on “Started My Own Bitcoin Mining Pool – Guyver’s Bitcoin Mining Pool”

  1. Dear Thomas,
    I’am sorry for still responding in almost end 2014.. But i’m still new in
    this mining and i get my first mining rig in these weeks..

    Is your pool still worth it to join? Or maybe is 180gh/s to low?

    I’m really searching to find a pool so atleast make a little side money..
    Cause living of it is problably only for the high powered now.


  2. I haven’t posted a new video in a few weeks so i decided to make a video
    about my bitcoin mining pool i made for any bitcoin miners to use.

    Hope anyone enjoys this and have a happy hashing on mining! :D

  3. I haven’t posted a new video in a few weeks so i decided to make a video
    about my bitcoin mining pool i made for any bitcoin miners to use.

    Hope anyone enjoys this and have a happy hashing on mining! :D

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