Coin Center and the EFF Square Off Over Proposed California Digital Currency Business Licenses


The continuous debate about the role of governments in controling digital currencies isn’t really disappearing anytime quickly. While the dustup over New York’s BitLicense program continues, another front has opened in California where a member of the state assembly has actually presented a costs to regulate California’s digital currencies businesses.

The Washington, D.C.-based Coin Center and the San Francisco-based Electronic Frontier Structure (EFF) each have lobbied hard versus the New york city Department of Financial Services attempts to manage New york city businesses with its controversial BitLicense program.

However with the proposed California law, the 2 companies have taken 2 different forks in the advocacy roadway, with Coin Center supporting the California legislation and EFF adamantly opposed.

Coin Center supports while EFF opposes proposed California law

Coin Center is now supporting the proposed California legislation, saying it is the finest possible compromise under the circumstances and would prevent an even worse law– the present cash transmission law– from being the default in regulating bitcoin.

Peter Van Valkenburgh, director of research at Coin Center, informed Bitcoin Publication the proposed California law is a “model for sound policy in this sector,” not as flawed as the New york city BitLicense policies, and is far better than the status.

“A Bitcoin business that actually holds all of the personal keys for some user is acting much like a bank or a money transmitter. It’s very tough to persuade political leaders that in between two business with very comparable threat profiles, one that holds peoples bitcoins and one that holds their fiat, the Bitcoin business need to get unique treatment,” he stated.

” [T] he losses suffered by consumers of Mt. Gox and other failed exchanges supply all the rationale they have to deal with bitcoin custodians exactly as they would treat the tradition industry,” Van Valkenburgh stated. “So exactly what we’re entrusted, the reasonable strategy, is making sure that non-custodial and extremely ingenious usages of the innovation, like multi-sig, sidechains, the lightning network, are excused.”

The proposed law would need digital currencies companies to acquire a license from the California Department of Company Oversight (DBO).

“Everybody — — even Coin Center — acknowledges that this bill has significant flaws,” EFF Advocacy Director Rainey Reitman informed Bitcoin Magazine. “However the greatest problems aren’t for large, recognized Bitcoin companies like those backing Coin Center. Numerous of those aren’t impacted by this costs, either because they already certify for a license exception or they have the resources to overcome the regulative difficulties.”

Exactly what happens now?

The proposed legislation has actually gone through the California Assembly (although the vote was split), and through the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee, and is due to be voted on in the California Senate in the near future.

Meanwhile, Coin Center will certainly work to inform people on how the law will work.

“Coin Center has actually been transparent from the start when it pertains to costs AB 1326,” Van Valkenburgh stated. “While the expense started its life hostile to Bitcoin and blockchain development, it has actually evolved into a model for sound regulation in this sector, even if it can still be improved.”

EFF will be fighting the proposed costs through its online activism campaign.

Rainey noted the possible consequences of this law.

“I don’t believe this will drop in California. If this expense passes, I think it will certainly be replicated in future states, with possibly worse provisions. That’s why this fight is so vital,” he said. “Our objective is clear and we will continue to deal with behalf of Bitcoin startups, innovators, and users of future virtual currency technologies that might never exist if this law is passed. EFF has to suggest for the broader public interest.”

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