Former Mt. Gox CEO Karpeles Re-arrested for Embezzlement Mainstream Media Misreports ‘Bitcoin CEO Arrested’

Today, Tokyo authorities re-arrested previous Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles for the embezzlement of $ 166,000 worth of U.S. funds, according to local Japanese newspaper Yomiuri.Karpeles is presently in custody for fraud and money-laundering allegations and will be held by Japanese authorities for further interrogation.Over the past two months, the Karpeles investigation has actually become a national scandal,

including the Japanese federal government and numerous law enforcement agencies, due to the incorrect reporting from both global and Japanese media networks including Yomiuri and MSN.Since the start of the investigation, Microsoft news network MSN and a couple of other mainstream Japanese media outlets have misreported Karpeles as the “bitcoin CEO, “confusing viewers who are not totally knowledgeable about the situation.This morning, MSN reported,”Bitcoin CEO invested embezzled funds on prostitutes,”exasperating many bitcoin business owners and developers.In response, security expert, author and Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast host Andreas Antonopoulos said, “If your local journalists are reporting about the” Bitcoin CEO” today, they comprehend neither bitcoin nor journalism.’

The post Previous Mt. Gox CEO Karpeles Re-arrested for Embezzlement Mainstream Media Misreports’Bitcoin CEO Jailed’appeared initially on Bitcoin Magazine. Bitcoin Publication

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