D10e Starts Blockchain Conference Series in Amsterdam

D10e, the newly re-branded edition of the conference formerly referred to as Coin Congress, started in the spacious and newly painted spaces of Amsterdam’s huge Beurs van Berlage product exchange last Thursday. Completely concentrating on decentralization, d10e featured an internationallineup of speakers includingBloq CEO and Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik, StartJoin co-founder and TV-personality Max Keiser, Singularity University analyst David Orban and many more.The one-day congress was opened by d10e creator, Bitcoin Foundation chairman and Blockchain Capital investor Brock Pierce. Resolving some 150 guests filling up most of the available chairs at 9 in the early morning, Pierce discussed what d10e was set to give Amsterdam.”D10e is the very first conference of its kind, combining a mix of similar people constructing decentralized innovations,”Pierce said.”A lot of these concepts overlap each other, so we stand to benefit significantly by all being in the same location and gaining from each other. Consider decentralizing financing with Bitcoin and blockchains, decentralizing commerce with markets like OpenBazaar, decentralizing telecoms with FireChat, and far more.”D10e’s former version, Coin Congress, hosted

conferences in San Francisco and Singapore throughout 2014 and 2015. Starting in the Dutch capital, the re-branded variation established a partnership with video gaming conference Casual Connect, and will remain to tag along in various cities all over the world, focusing on fintech, disruptive innovation, the sharing economy and the future of work.Speaking to Bitcoin Publication, d10e CEO and solutions strategist

Tiffany Madison stated:”Coin Congressspecifically concentrated on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but that space

has actually ended up being extremely saturated for many years. And while a great deal of these conferences are interesting, they are often dealt with and checked out by a really comparable group of individuals. To break out of that specific niche, to tailor Bitcoin toward mass adoption– what all of us desire– we decided to include other disruptive technologies. From drones, to 3D-printing, to clever energy … anything furthering revolutionary ideas, and provided by speakers varying from established thought leaders, to new members at the leading edge of evangelizing these brand-new innovations. We wish to raise the expert level of all our guests.”The first edition of d10e was hosted in collaboration with the Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam, the voluntary collaboration of Bitcoin enthusiasts evangelizing the technology from their cozy home-base cafe at the edge of the well-known Red Light District. Speaking on behalf of the regional embassy, pleased host of the welcome reception as well as the closing celebration of the conference, co-founder and consultant for Mr. Bitcoin Martijn Wismeijer said:”The setup of d10e is undoubtedly quite various from our typical occasions. We normally draw in a mix of identified Bitcoin-enthusiasts, more casually interested sympathizers and beginners who just heard about this technology and want to purchase their very first bitcoin. It’s excellent to switch the tone up a bit and welcome a host of internationally renowned speakers and top-notch blockchain professionals this time. And dealing with the d10e team has actually been a terrific motivation; as Bitcoin Embassy Amsterdam, we’re happy to be part of this special occasion.”Despite the– for Amsterdam typical– cloudy, windy and rainy weather outside, Madison complied. “Amsterdam is one of the hottest hubs for fintech start-ups in Europe, even worldwide,”Madison stated.”

It’s an ingenious city, with an unbelievable support structure for Bitcoin. And it’s probably even more advanced than San Francisco when it comes to the sharing economy. It’s an ideal place to bring the early adopters of these radical technologies together. Connecting these people in an inspiring environment brings about wonderful results. We have actually therefore decided making Amsterdam our sister city, and will return every year.”The post D10e Kicks Off Blockchain Conference Series in Amsterdam appeared initially on Bitcoin Publication. Bitcoin Magazine

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