Dogecoin Mining Tutorial [DOGE] Cryptocurrency Help!

Dogecoin is a new scrypt based cryptocurrency comparable to Litecoin. READ MORE: Technically speaking there isnt …
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Today we look at the phenomenon of DOGECoin and how to enter into mining it. If this tutorial was valuable you can d, looking FOR HELP??? CLICK SHOW MORE VVVVVVV.

36 thoughts on “Dogecoin Mining Tutorial [DOGE] Cryptocurrency Help!”

  1. What happens when almost all the bitcoins are mined and hardly anybody
    bothers to mine anymore? How will transactions be verified without miners?

  2. Hey geekdomo i’d like to ask a question (and to any other out there,
    really). I’m gonna take a wild guess and say that i can’t play World of
    Warcraft for example while a mine, due to the GPU work. But could i
    download a movie for example on the backround?

  3. A quick update I ended yesterday on 3k Doge. Today I am only on 1k 13/hrs
    in. Apparently there is a fair bit of luck in mining coins even without a
    difficulty change.

    I was a noob to think it would be the same every day until the difficulty

  4. On nut2pools website how do I know how many doge coin I have mined?
    My confirmed and unconfirmed balance are both 0. Does it take a while to

  5. Question:is it better to mine in a pool with a really high hash rate or a
    low hashrate…. – what is box happening !

  6. Hey GD, Im looking at getting in the game so thanks for the informative
    vids. As an IT Engineer I totally get the frustrations you mentioned lol I
    downloaded and listened to it driving home. Fantastic work bro keep it up!

  7. Anthony Vandevelde

    I want to thank you Geekdomo for your very slow and easy explained
    tutorials on all the crypto stuff! You were a great help in making me
    understand how all this works! Keep up the great work. Kind regards

  8. dude the only worth of the money is the faith people have on it for example
    the usd is a very popular currency because people all around the world have
    faith in the u.s economy. so the the cryptocurrencys only worth is the
    worth that pople give to it, thats why bitcoins are so expensive right now.
    given the fact that bitcoin is one of the first cryptocurrencys and that
    have lasted for a long time people have faith that it will more 

  9. Love the tutorial. Clear and simple to understand. I am brand new to crypto
    currency in all its forms and only have a work PC.
    Two questions: what spec PC should I look at for mining Dogecoin & I am
    using a browser wallet at present (DogeVault) can I transfer to a PC or
    paper wallet as I receive Doge?
    Excited about seeing my first Doge…big love…

  10. Thank you for the tutorials. I followed your litecoin mining video over a
    month ago and have been mining since. I’m still finding it hard to believe
    this coin is gaining the popularity it has thus far. I was able to score a
    couple R9 290’s before they went crazy on newegg. Combined with the 7970
    and 7850 I had already I’m pulling 2600 KH/s 20k Doge a day. Many coins,
    how money, v rich. 🙂 

  11. Couldn’t the big govt’s just make laws against virtual currencies in
    general, then arrest/raid the owners of the companies that are overseeing

  12. The Technology and accessibility for Doge makes it a game changer…The
    fact that some guy even wrote a website up. that you can mine if in a

    (maybe not the most efficient method for most… but defo drops the ceiling
    when it comes to bringing new people to the whole crypto-currency scene. I
    showed it to my class mates in college, 1/4 of them now mining)

  13. I must be the only one here who knows nothing about Dogecoin, what it does,
    or what its good for. Such noob, much lose.

  14. I mine 🙂 hahahaha. Awesome. Doge Coin. I pronounce it doge coin though,
    not douch/doush/doushe koin. but yeah

    I will mine some : ) its cool and fun HAHAHAH!!!! And might get rich.
    I have GTX 560 TI. But its just for fun, not AMD which is better

  15. im only getting a hash Rate of 70KH/s on a 7870, why is this?
    i was runninh 600kh/s mining bitcoins a year ago
    is this normal?

  16. Stop mining a silly meme coin. The days of DOGE are over. There is way more
    to crypto currencies than big numbers a cute faces. If you want to get
    serious about mining crypto currencies them mine something designed to be
    real currency try FoxCoin, the coin that doesn’t give huge benefits to
    early adopters and is immune to pump and dumping. Get in now while the
    difficulty is still very low.

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