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21 thoughts on “REALIST NEWS – Small web bot update – Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Counterfit Stocks”

  1. For your credibility, I would go a step further and go back on some of the
    predicted stuff from “Half Past Human” and give examples on what came true.
    Thumb up!

  2. Chris Pritchard

    The 55 Water Street thing is very interesting. Alan Greenspan has said in
    the past that “clearing” has many issues and need to be resolved. This
    what they do at that location. The CEO of has spoken on this
    topic. He mentioned the issues with “clearing” and my first thought was 55
    Water Street and the flooding. Watch this: /watch?v=aGyPQ_cO6l8

  3. i emailed hph, he replied, around jan. 15 is when it looks like this stuff
    is going to break loose, he also mentioned that he gives all of his target
    dates +/- 3 weeks

  4. When you are trading you have allways the possibility to loose. Are the
    altcoins liquid enougth to actualy take such a risk?

  5. Great points Joe, especially in regard to the flooded vault in Wall street
    and if you recall before the flood there was a report of a fire in a
    vault. Really???? a fire in a freaking vault! Last year I drove for
    nearly 4 hours to attend a Jim Sinclair GOTS (get out of the system)
    meeting that he put on in Vancouver. His emphasis was get your money out
    of the banks and get any stocks that you own registered in your name. I’m
    sure beyond a doubt that he has insider knowledge and that is why he is
    putting on these pre-registered closed door sessions around the world.
    Quite a feat for a man of his age (and a man with a conscience) He is
    saying as much as he can without ending up taking a bullet or having a
    tragic accident. This also ties in with what I heard from my best friend
    in March of 2013. My friend subscribes to a personal advisory service that
    covers everything that can affect your financial and personal security.
    That service cost them nearly $2K a year. They were contacted last March
    and told to get their money and investments completely out of the USA and
    advised them that it would be safer for them to leave the USA. They
    advised that should they decide to leave to initiate the process as soon as
    possible so that they can leave “while they still can”. Interesting times

  6. Joe. FYI … remember your fc letter from BOA? A while back huh. Got mine
    and commented to you that I rcvd same. Been 65 months of squatting on this
    property now. No FC Pending. No taxes…insurance … mortgage pd in 65 mo.
    Not a dime. Here’s the lessonm. MSM says fc down…well that is true. An FC
    doesn’t happen until it happens and if the bank doesn’t pursue it … it
    will never happen. False FC data out there. Also SoCal is over minimum
    safety stnds on fukiradiation. Don’t trust official sites but do trust my
    personal analog geiger counter and rad absoption pens which I haul
    everywhere in LA. So the next soccer mom from LA that bitches about her
    kids asthma better start worrying about rad exposure. They’ll keep this
    quiet as long as possible … what would this do to the prop values in the
    progressive left state? Still into silver and what ever happened to the
    nanny that cut the kids, lawsuit over derivatives … the vid u pulled …
    any comment?

  7. TheAtlantaMafia

    This is a very BIG DEAL: A couple of years ago two Chinese diplomats were
    arrested on the Swiss or Italian border with counterfeit bonds => search
    this phrase: Chiasso financial smuggling case

  8. UglySouthernRavenCrowsFeet

    I remember I had stocks in my name when I was a kid. Morgan stanly or
    something investing for me in a bunch of companies. When I wanted to sell
    call them they told me No angry. I called again they kept saying no to me.
    At this point I went to my parents called they told me no and I put them on
    phone. They said to her what is wrong with you, and they said to put me
    back on they would sell. Then say acted like I was some rich asshole or
    like I was committing a crime acted bitchy. It was only around 40k, I can’t
    imagine having 100,000 or more in. You basically have to ask them
    permission to take it out and they can say no. She never said why they said
    no it was during the crash and they acted like I was taking their money.
    Anyone else experience this?

  9. duane froelich

    This Web Bot update seems to fall in line with Lindsey Williams, have your
    gold by the beginning of 2014, and the Grady Meens, Washington Post Article
    you reported on for March 4th.

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