15 thoughts on “28% in MAXCOIN Overnight!”

  1. The Bitcoin chart looks a lot like the silver and gold charts. Exponential
    rise with a blow-off top. Not down to the pre-exponential rise level. I
    wonder if similar kinds of things were driving both silver and Bitcoin. Is
    it all about fear in the marketplace?

  2. Trace Meyer told me that “you can’t do technical analysis on bitcoin” so
    what you are doing, in a way, is against the rules :)

  3. I hate to say it, but Max Keiser loves pulling people into irrational
    exuberance. To his credit, he pimped PMs early on and was an early adopter
    of BTC, but he’s never been one to tell peepers to be careful when they’re
    piling into a parabolic move. When he gets amped up about something and
    keeps pounding the table about it, probably a good idea to start selling if
    you own it. When BTC was going parabolic, that’s when he should have
    preached diversification into the PMs, and vice versa in April, 2011.

  4. The best video i’ve seen of you so far.
    But i would have really appretiated if you had talked about the technical
    aspects of this trade. Like “the spring that coiles”, “the trampoline that
    bounces back” or something”. 

  5. BicycleThief II

    Max is cool. I know about the silver thing but he has a great perspective
    on what’s going on and uses some very effective metaphors in getting his
    point across. He is also an excellent interviewer.

  6. Rationality, logic and reason would have me speculate that this video would
    encourage the purchase of Maxcoin, thereby driving up the price of your

  7. As a crypto-currency enthusiast, this video made me lose some respect for
    you. Maxcoin is a major pump and dump scam. It’s not even a currency and
    there’s no community or ecosystem behind it.It just feeds off of bitcoin
    and brings nothing new to the table. You could have made similar moves on
    many other and better cryptos, so why promote max by giving it free
    publicity?? You are no better than Max Keiser. 

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