Radeon 5850×4 bitcoin miner

Radeon 5850x4 bitcoin miner

This is the mining rig a friend of mine and I have setup, generating bitcoins. I produce ~1340mhash/sec MOBO: http://bit.ly/jfp9FF CPU: http://bit.ly/jfp9FF …

22 thoughts on “Radeon 5850×4 bitcoin miner”

  1. look at this huyzz: http:// petaxminer. com/ – best prices of miners..
    facebook page: facebook. com/petaxminer

  2. Bitcoin is giant pyramid scheme, it is kind of gambling game, all gambling
    games are harmfull. This video advertizes pyramid scheme, advertizing of
    pyramid schemes is sin.

  3. Dude this may have worked when bit coins were less then a dollar. However
    mining rigs are pretty much out of reach now. Standard rigs go for over 3
    million dollars now. That is probably low end ones at that. Unless you can
    build some quantum computer and tap into the power of an NSA data center.
    This is useless and you end up spending more then you can mine, just

  4. I thought you weren’t supposed to/ didn’t have to crossfire when mining so
    the cards can run independently.
    And in reply to Morgan freeman (soz I don’t know how to reply properly on
    the ipad app :)), the bandwidth is less important than it would be for the
    likes of gaming and rendering, so the cards will run in an x4 or even an x1
    slot I think, so you don’t have to find a board with 4 evenly placed x16

  5. Needed 5 Bitcoils for my Rig instalation ! I give you 10 Bitcoils money
    back !

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