Dogeparty 2014

Dogeparty 2014

The Dogeparty took place on February 7, 2014. Adam Cornelius and Chris Higgins were there with a camera. Note: Paper Mache doge mask sculpted by Sarah Way. D…

Bitcoin, dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies are alternatives to more traditional currencies like bank notes and precious metals. Sponsor message: Give Audib…
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15 thoughts on “Dogeparty 2014”

  1. I will never use ANY cryptocurrencies, as long as doge coin exists.
    The meme is fucking stupid, not funny, and used way too much. 

  2. its already past the point where you waste more on your electric bill than
    you generate from the coins.

  3. I heard there are about 20mil bitcoins to be mined in the algorithm, and
    half of them are already in circulation. But the more people mine it, the
    harder it gets to. Moreover, you can be scammed in the blink of an eye, and
    that’s how 4400+ bitcoins were stolen recently (approximately $20mil). So,
    I wouldn’t mine.

    Oh, and they aren’t recognised by any central bank in the western world, as
    far as I know.

  4. So in a theory we have currency that is created by solving puzzles that
    really don’t benefit anyone i.e. money is coming from nothing and it isn’t
    really disappearing ether…

    Sounds legit.

  5. Tech Wiz Master

    i hate stupid bitcoins i’m so glad the hackers stole them i think it’s
    stupid waste of energy to collect them…also i love AMD graphics cards and
    now they are all overpriced cause of them…keep it up hackers!!! get all
    those coins FAST !!!!!!!!!

  6. Paper money is based on gold, it’s not just a piece of paper. Countries
    have gold reserves stored safely and printed money represents a part of it.
    If there is no gold, the paper money is worthless. Cryptocurrencies don’t
    have ANYTHING behind them. It’s nothing. That’s why it’s ridiculous in my

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