Bitcoin: retour de baton après les enchères
… des fonds, des spéculateurs individuels, des personnalités et customers de la Silicon Valley, susceptibles d' ' investir à titre privé sur leur monnaie fétiche. Le marché s'' interroge aussi sur les objectives de Google, qui n'' a jamais caché kid intérêt …
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Man who purchased Bitcoin start-up possessions speaks, raising much more concerns
As such, it'' s simple to see how Bitcoin might be appealing in a place like Venezuela: it might be used for international monetary transfers. A Venezuelan news website,, reported (Google Translate) Thursday that the younger Ochoa'' s plastics …
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Samsung in Speak with Launch Apple Pay Rival
Since the technology resembles a card swipe, it works in much more locations than Apple Pay or Google Wallet, which require a shop to update to devices that consists of a technology called near field communication, or NFC. When Re/code'' s Walt Mossberg …
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