Late To The Party: Biostar To Launch BTC-24GH Bitcoin ASIC Mining Board

Late To The Party: Biostar To Launch BTC-24GH Bitcoin ASIC Mining Board
“With the increasing price of Bitcoins, GPU mining can theoretically be rewarding. What you require is a system that can do massive amounts of mathematical computations. Until now, the best way to do this is the GPUs in graphics cards. Now there are ASICs …
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Mac OS X Trojan Leeches Off Your GPU to Mine Bitcoins
Another day, another piece of Mac malware. This time security firms have found a Mac OS X Trojan that takes processing power to create Bitcoin, a virtual currency cherished by libertarians, computer system developers, and hackers of all tones. OSX/Miner …
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Bitcoin Will certainly Never Be Changed by an Altcoin
Bitcoin with GPU-miners currently outshined numerous of the worlds supercomputers combined. So exactly what ASIC has brought to bitcoin is centralization and overstated excess hashpower. ASIC hardware is the biggest hazard to bitcoin, and the only threat that …
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