Bitcoin: China News Explained

In this video I try to explain what is going on with china and make it simple and easy to understand.

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17 thoughts on “Bitcoin: China News Explained”

  1. bitcion in china recently growing and expantion their online bites and
    those who are from china they can easily making money through bites.

  2. China can’t control bitcoin so therefore it is banned Google was told it
    had to filter cenore content for china or be faced with ban same to most
    major social networking sights

  3. So what do you say if I say that china wants to have the next reserve
    currency and they might not want bitcoin around because of it’s

    because the $ wont last and you know it…

  4. I look forward to your videos as you have a balanced approach with strong
    arguments. Hopefully the other members of the community continue to support
    you as you continue to contribute to their success within this community. 

  5. From what I understand you can’t even use PBOC to deposit funds into BTC
    China. I expect all mainland exchanges to move to Hong Kong where you can
    easily purchase BTC with HKD.

  6. Bitcoin is $350 bargain basement.I personally feel that China is catching
    up to the west ,we already have to fund an exchange through a personal bank
    account China is simply complying with the rest of the globe to eliminate
    criminal activity and banksters.

  7. Dwolla is pronounced “Duh Walla”. Thanks for making all the great videos
    and for all the hard work that you do!

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