New Ethereum Structure Executive Director and Board Members Signal a Reboot for Ethereum


Among the strengths of Ethereum is its decentralized nature, giving it a broader, more stable base. There are Ethereum task groups in different parts of the world, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Switzerland and Brazil. (For example, Geth was deployed by the Amsterdam group while Eth was produced by the Berlin team.)

If there is a center to Ethereum, it would be in the lovely town of Zug, Switzerland, home of the Ethereum Foundation that oversees the project’s finances, manages the funds raised in the Ether sale and determines the long-term vision and direction of Ethereum.

Stephan Tual, chief communications officer for the Ethereum project, told Bitcoin Magazine that the brand-new executive director and board members represent a new beginning, a way to reboot the organization.

” [W] e had an extremely clear goal to hire from verticals that were differed, ranging from the world of manufacturing, IoT, education, politics, health, finance and more,” he stated. “Essentially, anywhere where Ethereum could be embedded and make a distinction.”

The brand-new structure executive director is Ming Chan, a Swiss-born Chinese American MIT computer technology and media arts graduate, who has substantial experience dealing with instructors, scientists and innovators to discovered and grow ingenious new business endeavors.

The new board members are Vitalik Buterin (president of the board), Lars Klawitter, Vadim Levitin, and Wayne Hennessy-Barrett.

For day-to-day decisions an “executive” consisting of Stephan Tual, Gavin Wood and Jeffrey Wilcke is in charge, with help from Aeron Buchanan, Jutta Steiner, Kelley Becker and Frithjof Weinert.

How’s the Launch Going So Far?

The launch so far is going far better than anticipated. The main Ethereum blockchain remains in play and already users can access their pre-sale wallets, mine ether at the complete reward rate, and usage or deploy decentralized applications on the primary network.

“We’re thrilled with the stability of the network so far, as results have exceeded expectations and a growing number of designers are producing the Genesis block and signing up with the network,” Tual stated. “Real time stats on the network health can be viewed at “

“Up until now the Frontier launch has been exceptionally smooth, due in huge part to our intense Olympic test phase, as well as our robust user-guides and the tutorials written by devoted members of our community,” Ethan Wilding, resident Ethereum theorist and co-founder of Ledger Labs told Bitcoin Publication. “This is, however, a development release, and so a desire to make use of the command line is needed.”

“The majority of the questions we’ve had considering that this launch are from basic users excited to discover the best ways to mine ether and get wallet access on the Ethereum platform utilizing command line; we’re always delighted to assist,” he stated. “As our platform is checked even more and made more robust, we will continue to surpass the user-experience by introducing our visual user-interfaces for such operations in a future release.”

Bitcoin Publication will certainly continue to follow this story and keep you notified on new advancements.

Image Roland Zumbuehl / Wikimedia Commons

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