EB135 – Stephen Palley: Lawmodynamics And Ways to Take legal action against A DAO

For numerous the promise of decentralized applications and DAOs is to be beyond the limitations and rigidity of the existing legal system. There is no question that where DAOs can roam freely, development can speed up. However can the law, courts and regulations be left so easily?Lawyer Stephen

Palley joined us to discuss what takes place when the new and vintages clash and how courts will look at what goes on in the land of DAOs and DApps.Topics covered consisted of: Whether trust is decreased

  • , removed or just shifted in other places in blockchain systems If developing decentralized applications
  • might develop liability risks Why courts will impose a legal structure if an official
  • one doesn’t exist The principle of territory and how it might influence DAOs Why one ought to take care with saying a DAO offers insurance coverage Links discussed in this episode: Ways to Sue A DAO Blockchain Territory Smart Contracts

and Smart Lawsuits Blockchain and the

  • First Law of Lawmodynamics Smart Contracts, Efficiency and
  • Trust DAO Insurance Company, Inc All of Stephen Palley’s LinkedIn Posts EB125 Florian Glatz: Defining a Legal Framework for DAOs EB132 Stephan Tual: A Universal Sharing Network and a$ 150m DAO Sponsors: Hide.me: Secure your privacy and personal information with a free VPN account at http://Hide.me/epicenter Ledger Nano: Smart card security for your Bitcoins- Get 10%off your very first order when you

utilize the code

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