The Ether Review #28 – Dapp Structure and the New Decentralized Exchange, Bitsquare

This episode includes two interviews. First, Karl Floersch talks about the underlying structures which form dispersed applications. Karl?’? s ability to explain the much deeper mechanics of software application running in the Ethereum environment is special and conversations with him are constantly enjoyable, insightful, and visionary. Then we have Manfred Karrer, the creator of Bitsquare. For the inexperienced, Bitsquare is a decentralized fiat to crypto exchange. While it is completely self included and doesn?’? t use Ethereum in any method. It?’? s a standalone DApp and that?’? s pretty cool. On top of that we have a detailed, decentralized version of regional bitcoins now which is very relevant. Bitsquare is especially interesting since by taking a look at the obstacles Manfred dealt with throughout its advancement we can acquire an understanding of the need for a combined DApp platform. Material: Karl Floersch, Manfred Karrer, Arthur Falls
The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network

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