The Ether Review #29 ?'” Gavin and Ken of Ethcore, Parity and Web 3

Today we have Ethereum creator and Ethcore CEO, Gavin Wood and head of company advancement at Ethcore, Ken Kappler. We take a look at their Parity customer and the Web 3 principle. We look at the future of Bitcoin – Ethereum interoperation, Geth security flaws, Whisper, Swarm, the DAO as well as the possibility of sidechains on Ethereum. There was extra content cut into this episode so it?’? s a bit choppy however completely this episode offers a fresh glimpse into the ever changing future of Ethereum. Prior to we dive in however, this episode?’? s sponsor, the enterprise blockchain option company Blockapps, has a request for the neighborhood.

Material: Gavin Wood, Ken Kappler, Arthur Falls

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