EB138 – Sergio Lerner: How RSK Will Bring Smart Contracts To Bitcoin

Security scientist and RSK co-founder Sergio Lerner joined us to go over RSK (likewise Rootstock), the project to release a turing-complete clever agreement sidechain to Bitcoin. We discussed how he entered the industry, investing many days analyzing Bitcoin for vulnerabilities and finding a couple of along the way. And, naturally, RSK, the enthusiastic job to strenghten the Bitcoin ecosystem through adding clever contract capabilities.Topics covered included: How Sergio at first got involved in

  • the Bitcoin space His early deal with turing-complete cryptocurrencies going back to 2012 Why monetary inclusion is the most vital problem to fix Merged mining and RSK’s security design How RSK compares to Ethereum RSK’s company model Hyperlinks pointed out in this episode: Rootstock (RSK )site Drivechain BIP Proposition Sponsors: Jaxx: Wallets that Merge the Blockchain Experience Throughout Gadgets jaxx.io Hide.me: Protect your personal privacy
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