The Bitcoin Game # 37: Back in the Saddle with Christopher Camp

Hey there, welcome to episode 37 of The Bitcoin Game. I’m Rob Mitchell.Everyone has an unique story. When I began this podcast, I really desired to speak to Bitcoiners who hadn? ‘? t been exposed in Bitcoin media. There are a few really intriguing regional Bitcoin traders I’ve aimed to interview, however remarkably, sometimes it?’? s simpler to obtain a Bitcoin core developer on the show, than a lot of the lesser-known individuals who also have Bitcoin-centric lives.I met Christopher Camp at my first Bitcoin meetup, however I ‘d just spoken to him for a couple of minutes. Now, over three years later on, I finally got to take a seat with Chris and learn a bit more about him and his interest in Bitcoin. Christoper started an organization called Restart Democracy, he worked for Coinbase, and he currently works for For perspective, this was recorded a couple of weeks earlier, before the halving, when the price of Bitcoin was on a strong upward trajectory, breaching 52-week highs. PROGRAM LINKS Christopher Camp on Internet Voting?'”YouTube Nick Bostrom Lawrence Lessig Coinbase MAGIC WORD Stay tuned for the magic word in

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