Bitcoins & Gravy Episode # 85 Huntercoin: a Human Mine-able Crypto Currency & Game!

On today’s program I am privileged to be speaking with Andrew Wagner a Huntercoin evangelist living in Vancouver, Canada. Andrew was kind sufficient to break away from his video gaming console to spend some time with us by giving us the within scoop about Hunter Coin and exactly what may simply turn out to be the future of gaming.

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Freelance Transcriptionist for his excellent and extremely accurate work. Professional transcriptions of the show can be found on our site and to obtain in touch with The Freelance transcriptionist, just head over to:< br/ >!.?.!MAGIC WORD: Hidden in each episode of Bitcoins and Gravy is a Magic Word. I know that it might sound absurd, but listen for the Magic Word and you can make LTBcoin! First set up a totally free account at Then tune in to your preferred LTB podcast and when you hear the Magic Word, don’t postpone! Send it to your account to declare a share of this week’s distribution of LTBcoin. Listeners now have a complete week from the release date to declare a magic word. Setting up an LTB account has always been quick and easy … and now it’s successful!!! CREDITS & BELONGINGS LINKS: Huntercoin primary site:!.?.!Block explorer and live map audience: live map viewer for mobile gadgets (android app ):!.?.!Primary GitHub:!.?.!People can ask questions on the online forum:’s customer

for playing the video game:!.?.!Also, this NewsBTC short article written by Andrew is the most detailed source of details about Huntercoin around: To Satoshi Ode to Satoshi lyrics & tune by John Barrett Copyright 2014 RJM Publishing-BMI Nashville. Lead Vocal, Consistency Vocals, Harmonica, Snare Drum: John Barrett Harmony vocals: John Barrett, Connie Sinclair and Lij Shaw Guitar: Jonathan Brown Mandolin: Ben Miller Bass Guitar: Michael Rinne Preliminary performance history by Mark Thornton of Sidekick Noise Studios

, Madison, TN. All other performance history, Mixed and Mastered at The Toy Box Studio, Nashville, Tennessee Engineer:

Lij Shaw. Assistant to engineer: Don”The Don”Bates Produced by John Barrett &

Elijah “Lij”Shaw Unique thanks to Alan Baird for his dobro, guitar and mandolin playing on a lot of the shows.

Now that’s some pickin man! Thanks likewise to Alex Munoz Guijarro for his exceptional pedal steel using many of our shows.Interviews for this episode were tape-recorded and modified by John Barrett at The Tree House Studio-Nashville, Tennessee. All shows are produced by John Barrett with the ethical assistance of his trusty partner Maxwell Rascalnikov Coyote Rex, aka Max.Crypto(The Authorities Cryptocurrency Tune) Words and Music by John Barrett Copyright 2016 RJM Publishing BMI Nashville Look at the Cryptocurrency, guy it’s sucha blur and see A new one every day< br/ > They got the pump and dump They?’? ll aim to make you a chump You much better watch your back I state I hear the troll box singing till my ears are ringin I?’? m scared just to go to

bed And I?’? m not feeling so well Inform me need to I buy or offer We got the Android’s tokin And the Dopecoin smokin It?’? s a thing mamma you need to see We got the Potcoin, man it’s such a hot coin All the method from Denver to DC We got the Hashcoin, now

we require a Stash coin Or we? ‘? ll lose it all which?’? s a
drag And I state blockchain
schmockchain I?’? d similar to get a bag I think I?’? m going to fly to
Denver I believe I? ‘? m going to get genuine high up on a bender Perhaps find a heart that?’? s tender

< br/ > Help me to put down and night You know it’s Soho unusual when another exchange is Creepin in like another bad sin It?’? s a legitimate worry that they will vanish And you will never see your money again You tell me it’s the ideal coin but
it?’? s just a Litecoin Perhaps I? ‘? ll have tea with Charlie Lee Oh baby and it?’? s blowin my mind Cause I don? ‘? t know which one to buy Blowin
my mind I wear?’? t know which one
to buy Blowing my mind I put on? ‘? t know which one to buy Good Lord I got my feet on the ground But man my head is spinning round And all the world is Crypto oh

oh< br/ > Cryp pointer, idea, tip, pointer, tip Toe. Concerns or Comments?Email me to state Howdy!: [email protected]!.?.!Visit the Site:!.?.!Bitcoins and Gravy Tipping Addresses: Bitcoin: 14RbXduu2sXKNHtKtRVAx8xQyGAubjY1dA Litecoin: LgqYgxLTBPgr8C1JGLLJVLK4ZN1fveprAp And if you don’t
feel like calling me, simply settle back, unwind and delight in the series. I hope you take pleasure in paying attention to my guests as much as I enjoy talking with them! The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network

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