The Tatiana Show – Derrick J. Freeman of Freedom Feens Radio Show & Michelle Ray of In Deep

Tatiana and Josh interview Derrick J. Freeman of Liberty Feens Radio Show & Michelle Ray of In Deep.Topics include NH

secession, Pink Pistols, Power of regional government, & Clearvoter.-Derrick J Freeman is a

peace activist, podcaster, and video manufacturer living in Keene, NH, the Libertarian Media Capital of the World. Derrick J is a regular host of terrestrial radio programs like Free Talk Live and Freedom Feens. He also performs on live web radio vodcasts Peace News, Bitcoin Talk Series, Sick Sad World, and The Bitcoin Group. In 2012, he committed produced a documentary called “Victimless Crime Spree” which narrates his journey as he attempts to break without his federal government chains.-Michelle Ray is the Creator Clearvoter, a political social network that focuses on issues that impact neighborhoods instead of political celebrations, Co-host of GulchCast and Editor at the Independent Journal Review.More Info:< br/ >< a rel="nofollow"

href=”” > The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network

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