EB146 – Ryan X. Charles: Allowing Material Creators to Own and Monetize Material with Yours

In the last Twenty Years, material publishing platforms have actually multiplied to a nearly crazy number. There are numerous places where individuals and business can publish articles, blogs, videos, pictures, live content and so on. Regardless of this diverse offering, little development has actually taken place in monetizing content, which still mainly stays ad-based.

We’re joined by Ryan X. Charles, Bitcoin Developer and Founder of Yours. Yours wants to attend to the monetization issue by allowing material manufacturers to make Bitcoin when they produce excellent content. Yours is an in-browser application which carries out a Bitcoin wallet and allows micro-transactions through their own execution of the Lightning Network. Material Developers are paid by Managers who attribute value to the material. Managers are themselves rewarded when material they find important goes viral.

Topics gone over in this episode:

  • Ryan’s background as the Lead Designer of BitCore, and his experience at BitGo and Reddit
  • What is Yours and what kinds of applications it allows
  • The technical parts of Yours
  • The Yours application and how users post and gain access to material
  • Why he decided to build Yours on bitcoin
  • How micropayments are executed in Yours
  • How Yours addresses the concern of copyright infringement
  • What challenges Yours might deal with in order to reach important mass

Hyperlinks pointed out in this episode:

  • Yours website
  • Yours customer


  • BitFinity Conference in Miami Beach Oct 30 – Nov 2: Go to bitfiniti.com/epicenter for discount rates on registrations and presenter bundles
  • Jaxx: Wallets that Unify the Blockchain Experience Throughout Gadgets JAXX.io

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