The Bitcoin Video game # 39: Roger Ver

Hello, welcome to episode 39 of The Bitcoin Video game. I?’? m Rob Mitchell.Odds are, if you

enjoy Bitcoin, then you understand Roger Ver, a.k.a. Bitcoin Jesus. And you possibly are mindful that Roger is a huge proponent of increasing Bitcoin’s optimum block size as soon as possible. However he’s not just talking about it, he’s taking action, as you’ll hear.Roger is certainly a

doer, and besides all the Bitcoin companies Roger is included with, he’s done things like donate over $ 150,000 to Ross Ulbrect?’? s legal defense fund, and offer $ 250,000 to the charity of Bernie Sanders?’? choosing, in exchange for disputing Adam Kokesh(for the ultimate socialist vs. voluntaryist debate). Aside from hearing Roger?’? s handle scaling Bitcoin, we cover a variety of topics, including how much Roger made from his first Steemit post( it’s a lot! ). Roger even lets us in on his Bitcoin gut check a few weeks ago, when he sold some of his Bitcoin and bought a popular privacy-oriented cryptocurrency (listen to learn which one). It was a real treat to have him on the show.Stay tuned to the very end of the podcast for a true blessing from Bitcoin Jesus.I will be distributing a Bitcoin Keychain to somebody who talks about the show notes page for this episode: PROGRAM LINKS Roger?’? s Twitter Free Talk Live Gavin Andresen Monero Dash Zcash Roger’s first post

on Steemit Eric Voorhees Trace Mayer Ira Miller Charlie


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SPONSOR While much of Bitcoiners ‘time is spent in the world of digital possessions, in some cases it’s nice to own a physical representation of the virtual things you appreciate. For just the price of a cup of coffee or two(at Starbucks), you can own your

own Bitcoin Keychain or the newer Bitcoin Fork Pen. As Seen On TechCrunch?’ Engadget?’Ars Technica?’Popular Mechanics Maxim? ‘Inc.?’Vice?’RT?’Bitcoin Magazine? ‘VentureBeat CoinDesk?’Washington Post?’Forbes?’Fast Business

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CREDITS All music in this episode of The Bitcoin Game was created by Rob Mitchell.The Bitcoin

Video game box art was developed from an illustration by Rock Barcellos. The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network

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