The Ether Review #35 – Coinfund & Synereo

Lucius Gregory Meredith, primary technology officer at Synereo is a mathematician and cryptocurrency professional. The Synereo platform started as a decentralized social media but out of a requirement for smart agreements, high scalability, and simultaneous transactions, the job has actually become something a lot more than a replacement for facebook. Greg?’? s work is remarkable and unique, and honestly I don?’? t do it justice in this interview. Interested listeners need to act on the supplied links. What lead me to Synereo however was not the tech, but the idea that conversations about the direction of development might be performed by users, on the platform in question itself. This would filter the sound of open online forums like Reddit and Twitter, where uninvolved parties have equivalent voice.After we?’? ve spoken with Greg, Jake Brukhman of CoinFund discusses financial investment in the cryptocurrency space. The CoinFund blog site is one of the most informative and objective out there, driven by the research their team conducts. We occasionally syndicate CoinFund content on ConsenSys Media-it?’? s definitely worth a read.Content: Lucius Gregory Meredith, Jake Brukhman, Arthur Falls Added music for today?’? s episode was offered by Dreamers Delight Subscribe

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