Block chain technology

Read our report on the future of distributed ledger (or block chain) technology
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14 thoughts on “Block chain technology”

  1. Actually very simplified, partly incorrect, like phrase 'unathorised change' – there is no such thing in blockchain as authorisation (IMHO). Those interested much better read bitcoin and etherium whitepapers at least.

  2. The blockchain system is useful and versatile, but as usual, notoriously self-serving and profit-seeking corruptive elements such as governments, big business, wealthy individuals and criminal conspiracies cannot be allowed access to it. It will become a tool for limiting and suppressing individual freedom, rather than one enhancing the potential of the individual, otherwise.

  3. We NeedChangeNOW TVP-TZM

    You will have even more explotaion in the world.
    Money solves nothing, its a form of scarcity and classism witch is the problem, buisness itself is the problem.

  4. let me say this for those who believe bitcoin is a fraud. what makes bitcoin a fraud not identify by ID goverment?? well people new days give fake IDs and i seen many users that i talk with use fake ids and upload them on Paypal to get their account limit increased… you can store your bitcoin secured by phone, authlecator you also need to log from your previus IP address if IP changed sender will get an email for notfication

  5. blockhain in bitcoin#? uk goverment can you please replay to us and when are we going to se it regulated.
    2020 a new future electric cars a new way of taxing paying employees robots.. new way of teaching tablets instead of papers pens .. look at japan

  6. Peter Fletcher-Dobson

    Very good, clearly articulated Blockchain 101. As the Barclays man says – the internet first gave us instant communication now it's giving instant transaction and asset transfers. Digital ID is an obvious use case that could be added to the ones mentioned in the video.

  7. just to be clear. most people say bitcoin used for fraud correct but it has lot of beneficial.
    look at other online payments paypal netteller,ukash and others they also used from crinimmals silk road go and go deep and search everytone talks bitcoin fraud blabla what about other online services??

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