Blockchain Demystified | Daniel Gasteiger | TEDxLausanne

A short story on how this new technology is shaping and moving beyond the bitcoin hype. In this talk, Daniel will attempt to reveal the principle behind Blockchain, its potential to defy current systems and why Blockchain is probably the biggest technological invention since the PC in the 1970s and the Internet in the 1990s.

Daniel Gasteiger is an entrepreneur based in Zurich, co-founder of nexussquared. Daniel carries a driving passion to support and further develop the Swiss blockchain ecosystem. He embodies more than 20 years of experience in financial services – starting out as an FX trader at Credit Suisse, he then joined UBS in a variety of roles including until recently, managing the Chairman’s office as a Managing Director. In his recent co-authored whitepaper, “Act Now or Follow Later”, he achieves a remarkable ‘call to action’ by describing why Switzerland must seize the Fintech challenge.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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10 thoughts on “Blockchain Demystified | Daniel Gasteiger | TEDxLausanne”

  1. Great talk! It is certainly moving beyond bitcoin and even beyond Fintech. Now it is reaching into solving some pressing problems in the health care industry. It will be exciting to see how this technology combined with other breakthroughs, like genomics, artificial intelligence, and mobile health could change just about every area of our lives.

  2. Seriously, if you think it can get worse about stupid blockchain talks, it definitely can! If in a few years everybody is wondering why there was a FinTech crash as there was a DotCom crash, this video is a must-seen to understand what went horribly wrong: Incompetent people that are trying to force stupid ideas into a technology that is not built for what these people think. No wonder he worked for UBS …

  3. Seriously…. what is he on about ??? He demystified absolutely nothing at all!! Given the title of the talk I had high hopes to learn something but when I attended this talk I could not have been more disappointed! Just vague blah blah blah with no real content to the talk! Not to mention Danny you looked like you have just been dragged thru a bush. Very poor personal presentation and you seriously need a lot more practice in front of an audience to be convincing. Who the hell told you that you that this was a good idea. I almost felt sorry for you?…almost!! Just Tragic!

  4. I'm sorry but I must have missed the part where he demystified blockchain.

    All I heard was a bunch of half-baked might-be ideas, analogies, features and essentially elevator pitches for utilizing blockchain technology.

    There was no explanation of how exactly blockchain operates and that was my expectation going into this talk.

    Very disappointed.

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