Blockchain for dummies

Non technical explanation of the block chain concept underlaying the Bitcoin network. This video is meant for people who want to get a grasp of this new technology.
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9 thoughts on “Blockchain for dummies”

  1. entertaining but a waste of time …
    well as somebody once passed on as a hint for an upcoming presentation: "when you don't have anything to say, use colors." ;)

  2. Oeps sorry guys, this video wasn't supposed public anymore. My team and I created this video an internship. We had some limitations in what we could do / explain in the video.
    We are not happy with the information given as well since it's missing clear examples for the analogy, which is flawed as well, but was sort of forced upon us.

    Some concepts where the bloackhain could be used for are:
    Decentral universities, Liquid Voting (these got us most exited for the blockchain)

    I don't know your backgrounds, but this is an interesting resource if you want to know more about the Blockchain.
    Hope this clears up some of the fuzziness

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