Morgan Stanley points out that Bitcoin’s recent 50% retracement is nothing abnormal.

Bitcoin’s 50% drop in November’s record-high price is not unprecedented, and the correction is within the historical norms, as reported by Morgan Stanley research note titled “State of the Bear Market.”

Estimating the reasonable value of cryptocurrencies is difficult because they trade in a speculative, unsteady manner, induced by the high volume of U.S. dollar reserves and main bank liquidity, the economist’s report of cryptocurrency research last year by Sheena Shah reveals.

A dip in bitcoin trading at approximately $28,000 suggests that this might be last year’s low. At the current pace, the market could rally if the value of bitcoin gets to $45,000, the news agency reported..

The bank has revealed that bitcoin has experienced 15 bear markets since it was released in 2009, and the correction within the most recent months is within the typical for past bear markets..

“Until bitcoin is frequently utilized as a currency for products and services deals (in the crypto or non-crypto world), it is tough to worth bitcoin on essential need beyond the possession speculation,” Morgan Stanley stated.

Crypto financiers might requirement to be client if we are in the middle of a larger threat market correction, the bank stated. Alternatively, take advantage of in the crypto market would requirement to increase for a bullish pattern to start as main bank liquidity is eliminated, it stated.

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